Global Operations

Preparing for an overseas trip, program, or new center can be as challenging as it is exciting.  Whether you're taking a student abroad to conduct research with you, speaking in an international forum, initiating an international program, or planning your own sabbatical, Middlebury has resources to help you.

Use the links on the left to get an idea of the sorts of things to be thinking about as you plan and feel free to contact Global Operations Committee members directly as you go through the process.

These pages are intended for faculty and staff; students interested in studying abroad should visit International Programs.

Mission Statement:

The Global Operations Committee is a cross-functional group that provides comprehensive support to managers/project leaders engaged in or considering projects abroad.  The committee is responsible for establishing internal operational guidelines, policies, and procedures so as to ensure that both current and future non-US programs are compliant and that necessary controls  and systems are in place to support those programs.  Committee members are notified about new projects so that they can weigh in on issues related to member’s role at Middlebury.