THE ROHATYN CENTER FOR GLOBAL AFFAIRS (RCGA) is Middlebury College’s flagship site for the production and dissemination of knowledge about international and global issues. Through a diverse set of programs, the Center reaches across boundaries of language, culture, and geography to engage students’ capacity for rigorous analysis and independent thought in a rapidly changing world.

Robert A. Jones '59 House
    RCGA is housed in the Robert A. Jones '59 House.

In supporting Middlebury’s aim to be the leading global liberal arts college, the Center sponsors vibrant co-curricular programs, fosters dialogue with leading international scholars and practitioners, funds innovative undergraduate field research, and promotes scholarly collaborations between students and faculty. RCGA builds bridges across disciplines and communities, local and global.

Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs

Robert A. Jones '59 House
148 Hillcrest Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753