Internships at Rohatyn

The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs Intern program offers Middlebury students the opportunity to collaborate closely with faculty members on international research and to assist in the design and implementation of co-curricular programs that support the College's global focus. Interns during the academic year also serve on the Rohatyn Center's Student Advisory Board.

Interning at the RCGA is a unique opportunity to work across different departments, explore new fields of research, and get to know some really great faculty. I've learned a lot, developed stronger relationships with my professors, and gotten to know the wonderful people at the RCGA—a great summer!

—Maya Woser '18, RCGA Intern

"Getting to be a part of the academic process while interning at the RCGA has made me a stronger student. Seeing the stages of development that the faculty members here go through when coming up with a research question was fascinating, and really showed me how to approach and break down any problem, no matter how large. And now I know that I’m not the only one writing papers the night before they’re due!"

—Greg Treiman ’19, RCGA Intern

"I've had a fabulous experience working here, getting to know the profs, making friends with RSAB students, and witnessing the continual improvement of RCGA offerings and programming.  Every year gets better!"

-Bree Baccaglini '15, Former RSAB Member and RCGA Intern

"I leave Middlebury armed with the fieldwork research skills, fluency in a new language, and a commitment to pursue a career in the common good. None of this would have been possible without the support of the Rohatyn Center." 

-Pui Shen Yoong '12, Former RCGA Intern

The Intern program takes place during both the academic year and the summer. For more information, please contact Charlotte Tate, Associate Director, RCGA, at or at 802.443.5795.

RCGA Interns Fall 2017
  • Meiriely Amaral '19
  • Sabina Latifovic '18
  • Isabella Mauceri '20.5
  • Marykate Melanson '18
  • Julian Schlemmer '20
  • Greg Treiman '19
  • Maya Woser '18
RCGA Interns Summer 2017

Maya Woser '18
Greg Treiman '19

RCGA Interns Academic Year 2016–2017

Francesca Conde '17
Nick Delehanty '17
Laura Dillon '19
David Rubinstein '18
Marykate Melanson '18

RCGA Interns Summer 2016

Laura Dillon '19
Sabina Latifovic '18
Marykate Melanson '18

RCGA Interns Academic Year 2015-2016

Stephanie Ovitt '15.5 
Josh Berlowitz '16
Francesca Conde '17
Nick Delehanty '17 
Isaiah Back-Gaal ’19
Dylan Quenneville ’18

RCGA Summer Interns 2015

Francesca Conde 17
Nicholas Delehanty 17
Yuchen Zhu 18

RCGA Interns Academic Year 2014-2015
Bree Baccaglini 15
Irene Estefanía González 15
Stephanie Ovitt 15.5
Frank Wyer 15
Hyeon-Seok (Tom) Yu 16
RCGA Intern Summer 2014

Josh Berlowitz '16

RCGA Interns Academic Year 2013-2014

Frank Wyer '15
Nicolás-Alonso H. De Golia '15 
Hyeon-Seok (Tom) Yu '16 
Jialong (Helen) Wu '16

RCGA Summer Interns 2013
Rachel Dicker ’14 
Irene Estefanía González ’15
Aviva Shwayder ’16 
Chad Sonn ’14
RCGA Interns Academic Year 2012-2013

Bree Baccaglini '15
Nicolás-Alonso H. De Golia '15
Irene Estefania Gonzalez '15
Frank Wyer '15

RCGA Interns Summer 2012

Hannah Stonebraker '13
Douglas Gledhill '14
Lindong Zhou '14

RCFIA Interns 2008-2012

RCFIA Interns Academic Year 2011-2012
Kathryn (Kate) Logan '13, Alec MacMillen '14, Martina Szabo '12, Pui Shen Yoong '12

RCFIA Interns Summer 2011
Richard Chen '13, Tucker Van Aken '12, Wenbo Zhang '13

RCFIA Interns Academic Year 2010-2011
Caitlin Arnold '11, Tyler Brelje '13, Amanda Kane '13, Kate Logan '13, Alec MacMillen '14, Martina Szabo '12, Pui Shen Yoong '12

RCFIA Interns Summer 2010
Peter Coccoma '12, Daniel Crepps '12, Martina Szabo '12

RCFIA Interns Academic Year 2009-2010
Caitlin Arnold '11, Brian Fung '10, Eric Harvey '09.5, Vrutika Mody '10, Daniel Sheron '09.5

RCFIA Interns Summer 2009
Daniel Sheron '09.5, Conrad Trimbath '11, Rachel Wold '11

RCFIA Interns Academic Year 2008-2009
Caitlin Arnold '11, Brian Fung '10, Eric Harvey '09.5, Ioana Literat '09, Ria Shroff '09

RCFIA Interns Summer 2008
John Patrick Allen '11, Caitlin Arnold '11, Shu Wei '10

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