Travel Registration


Why must I register: Travel abroad should be a safe, enjoyable experience. However, as the recent events in Egypt and Japan show, there are times when the College has to quickly account for the whereabouts of every student, staff member, and faculty member in those countries to communicate with them and provide assistance. For this reason we ask you to complete this quick, simple form each time you travel. Whether a long-planned trip or a side-trip while already abroad, this form helps the College know where students, faculty, and staff are, and to take appropriate measures when responding to emergencies.

When to complete it: Student research abroad, faculty research abroad, business travel, faculty sabbatical, community service/volunteer work abroad, internships abroad, or any College-sponsored activity abroad.  Leisure travel while on a Middlebury or MIIS sponsored program abroad should also be registered, where appropriate.

Who submits it: All students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad from both Middlebury College and MIIS.

How long does it take: Maximum 5 minutes.

What information do I need to complete the registration: Your contact information abroad, where and when you are traveling, with whom, and why.  After you register your first trip, you will not be asked for general information (i.e. passport number, emergency contact) when registering future trips.

Thank you for your cooperation and safe travels!

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