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Symposium Explores Global Economic Inequality

September 4, 2015

Political and economic experts will examine the negative effects of inequality in the United States and abroad, and discuss policies to address this growing problem. 

Pursuits: Happy Tails

August 19, 2015

After a career as a Presbyterian minister, Ken Parker ’62 serves in a new way with his crew of therapy donkeys.

The Business of Beer

August 17, 2015

Brothers Evan ’08 and Tyler ’06 Williams are the latest Middlebury alumni to make a name for themselves in the craft brewing industry.

The Art of Birds

August 14, 2015

Professor Stephen Trombulak has been using a 19th-century ornithological collection ever since he discovered the treasure buried in the far reaches of an overcrowded College storage room.

Modern Love

August 12, 2015

Leah Fessler ’15 reveals a startling reality about hookup culture and committed relationships at Middlebury.

Old Chapel: Hello, Middlebury

August 10, 2015

Middlebury's 17th President Laurie Patton greets the community in her first column for Middlebury Magazine.

Summer Research Showcased at Symposium

August 6, 2015

With projects in natural science, social science, computer science, and the humanities, the annual Summer Research Symposium is a beehive of activity.

Summer Construction Update

August 6, 2015

Retrofitting two boilers to accept natural gas and preparing the site for new residence halls are atop this summer's list of campus projects. 

Summer Study: Dispatch from Alaska

July 31, 2015

Students embarked on a four-week writing intensive course in Alaska co-taught by Professor Matthew Dickerson and Middlebury alumnus Dr. David O’Hara ’91.