Anderson Freeman Resource Center


Carr Hall

Constructed of local limestone to harmonize with Forest and Munroe Halls, Carr Hall was built in 1951, in memory of Reid Langdon Carr, Class of 1901. It was originally used as the Fine Arts Building but additionally has served as the college health center, the PALANA Intercultural Center (from 2003-2008), and since 2008 houses the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE). CCSRE also shares this building with the International Student Services staff.



Faculty and staff with offices in Carr Hall:

Office Name




005 Student Lounge

101 CCSRE/AFC Conference Room

102 Jennifer T. Herrera, Associate Director, Anderson-Freeman
       Resource Center (AFC)

103 Miguel Fernandez

104 Student Office

105 Roberto Lint Sagarena, Director, CCSRE; Assoc. Professor of
       American Studies

201 Shawna Shapiro

202 Cultural Orgs and JusTalks

203 Contemplative Practice / Meditation Space

204 Wellness Office
       Parton Center for Health and Counseling

206 Dana Yeaton
      Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre

207 Marcos Rohena-Madrazo
       Assistant Professor of Spanish

208 Daniel Silva
       Assistant Professor of Portuguese

209 Gloria Gonzalez Zentano
       Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

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