What is the One Middlebury Fund?

The One Middlebury Fund, administered by the Office of the Provost, provides resources that faculty from all Middlebury Programs (the College, the Institute, and the various Schools) may use to engage in collaborative curricular, co-curricular, and scholarly endeavors with colleagues in other programs.

What are the goals of the One Middlebury Fund?

  • Build relationships that allow us to leverage our academic strengths  across Middlebury programs
  • Enable faculty in all programs to pursue scholarly or professional development by taking advantage of the resources of another Middlebury site, or by collaborating with a colleague in another program

How does one apply to the One Middlebury Fund?

The One Middlebury Fund will receive and consider proposals twice a year. Proposals should be submitted by October 31 or February 28. Please be sure to apply with sufficient time to coordinate any collaborative trips or projects with relevant others.

A proposal should take the form of a letter of application to The Office of the Provost. In this letter, please describe the project and answer the following questions, where relevant:

  • How does your proposal help us achieve one or more of the goals of the fund (described above)?
  • What are the specific outcomes you expect to achieve?
  • Who are the participants? Where will the project take place?
  • What specific activities will you include?
  • What is the timeline for executing your proposal?
  • What is the proposed budget for the project? (If some of the funding comes from another source, please describe.)
  • How will you measure the success of the project? (A brief report describing the project outcomes and listing all participants should be submitted to The Office of the Provost within 60 days after the completion of the project.)

The letter of application should be accompanied by the endorsement of the dean(s) or director(s) of the hosting/collaborating program(s).

Proposals will be reviewed and selected by a committee comprising: Jeff Cason, Interim Provost; Amy Morsman, Dean for Faculty Development and Research;  Amy McGill, Associate Provost for Integration Strategies.

Normally, the Fund is able to support projects in the $1500 - $5000 range, but may approve a small number of exceptionally interesting larger projects.

What kinds of activities does the One Middlebury Fund support?

  • Faculty research projects that would be enhanced by interaction with colleagues from another Middlebury program
  • Faculty exchanges that are well planned and integrated into a broad collaborative context, ranging from brief visits that include lectures and/or other meetings to residencies for a whole term
  • Jointly planned and executed workshops, conferences or symposia involving two or more programs
  • Sharing of conferences and lectures with other sites through video-conferencing, live-streaming or other technologies
  • Joint development of proposals for funding from external sources (for which the One Middlebury Fund might support travel to work on proposal writing)
  • Teaching or co-teaching (in person or using technology) a course being offered by another program, or to students in more than one program
  • Co-development of internship, research, and other immersive learning opportunities for students, as well as support for students from one program to take part in activities offered by another
  • Programs that make use of the facilities of Middlebury in DC, such as course-related field trips, internships, and immersive learning programs
  • Other activities that further the goals of the Fund

See the Spring 2019 and earlier One Middlebury Awards for examples of funded proposals.


If you have questions about the application process, or would just like to brainstorm some possibilities, Amy McGill, Associate Provost for Integration Strategies, would be happy to talk with you.