One Middlebury Awards

Fall 2017

Pamela Berenbaum • Global Health • Middlebury College

Received funding to visit the Middlebury Institute, and lecture in Philipp Bleek's Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies course on the topic of bioterrorism preparedness.

Michole Biancosino • Theater • Middlebury College

Received funding to visit the Middlebury Institute in order to explore interdisciplinary collaborations with Institute colleagues and to participate with Cheryl Farone and Andrea Olsen in an ongoing collaboration that integrates the arts with the institute's professional programs.

Alex Draper • Theater • Middlebury College

Received funding to collaborate with the Universite de Bordeaux- Montaigne on a bilingual performance project.

Lisa Leopold and Sabino Morera • Language Studies • Middlebury Institute

Received funding to explore, through visits to the Vermont campus, opportunities to share best practices for public speaking and oratory pedagogy with Dana Yeaton and others working in this space.

Sam Liebhaber • Arabic • Middlebury College

Received funding to collaborate with the faculty of the C.V. Starr School in Rabat to develop instructional materials in Moroccan colloquial dialect (dārija) for use in Middlebury College’s first- and second-year Arabic language classes and to develop a curriculum for an advanced, 400-level seminar on North African literature and cultural studies for advanced Arabic students.

Steve Viner • Philosophy • Middlebury College 

Received funds to travel to the Middlebury Institute to teach a workshop on the Ethics of Development, and meet and engage with colleagues at the Institute, including observation of the Sprintensive model of immersive learning.

Peter Broucke • Director of the Arts • Middlebury College
Richard Saunders, Director, Middlebury College Museum of Art
Carolyn Taylor Meyer • Director of Immersive Professional Learning • Middlebury Institute

Received funds to travel to each other's campuses  to work toward a more integrated approach towards public art at Middlebury as a whole. 

Spring 2017

Amy Yuen  •  Political Science • Middlebury College

Prof. Yuen received funding to invite Leonard (Sandy) Spector, the Washington, DC director of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, to give a lecture on campus during the spring semester.

Matthew Dickerson • Computer Science • Middlebury College

Prof. Dickerson received funding to visit the Middlebury Institute to collaborate with Prof. Netta Avineri on the application of digital storytelling techniques to environmentally focused narratives.

Rebecca Bennette • History • Middlebury College

Prof. Bennette received funding to visit the Middlebury-CMRS Oxford Humanities Program in order to collaborate with Oxford colleagues, and to learn more about the program in order to better advise Middlebury undergraduates about opportunities there.

Fernando de Sousa Rocha • Spanish and Portuguese • Middlebury College

Prof. de Sousa Rocha received funding to engage with university centers related to Afro-Brazilian communities during an upcoming trip to Brazil.

Scotty Hardwig • Dance • Middlebury College

Prof. Hardwig received funding for a week-long residency at the Middlebury Institute, where he will will lecture, offer workshops and performances, and demonstrate motion capture technology as a learning tool. 

Damascus Kafumbe • Music • Middlebury College

Prof. Kafumbe received funding to visit the Middlebury Institute in order to share his work, Tuning the Kingdom: Kawuugulu Music, Politics, and Storytelling in Buganda, with the Institute community through a lecture, a performance, a workshop, and an author talk at the Middlebury Institute library.

Sarah Stroup • Political Science • Middlebury College
Ed Laurance • International Policy and Development • Middlebury Institute

Professor Stroup received funding to travel to the Middlebury Institute to continue her collaboration with Prof. Laurance, giving a lecture in his class, and working on the design of a shared module on policy development for incorporation in a course on each campus.

Netta Avineri • TESOL/TFL • Middlebury Institute

Prof. Avineri received funding to attend the Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship’s June Forum, and conduct a workshop on “nested interculturality.”

Portuguese Programs • Middlebury

Associate Provost Amy Collier and a group of faculty and administrators who work in Portuguese language and digital learning received funding to hold a meeting in July for the purpose of planning collaborative activities among Middlebury’s various Portuguese programs.

Dana Yeaton • Theater • Middlebury College

Prof. Yeaton received funding to travel to Monterey to collaborate with Bob Cole and Netta Avineri on digital storytelling, and to attend and possibly present at the CGC Summer Institute in Graduate Writing, held on the MIIS campus.

Svea Closser • Sociology and Anthropology • Middlebury College

Prof. Closser received funding to visit the Middlebury School in India in order to explore possibilities for developing a public health program in collaboration with the School in India. 

Fall 2016

Molly Anderson • Food Studies • Middlebury College

Prof. Anderson received funding to travel to the Middlebury Institute in connection with a team-taught course on Fixing Food Systems, which she is offering with MIIS adjunct faculty member Brett Melone.  The course, offered via videoconferencing on both campuses, will unpack the concept of innovation in food systems literature and strategy, using examples from California and Vermont agriculture.  During her visit, Molly will also meet with other Institute faculty interested in collaboration, and will speak in Andrea Olsen and Nukhet Kardam’s Sprintensive course on Communicating Social Change.

 South Asian Studies Faculty • Middlebury College

Prof. Ian Barrow and other members of the South Asian Studies faculty at the College received funding to bring two faculty members from Middlebury’s partner universities in India to give lectures and build relationships with students and faculty at the College. One faculty member from St. Stephen’s College and one faculty member from Lady Sri Ram College will be invited to visit Middlebury in the Spring of 2017.  In turn, a member of the Middlebury College faculty who serves on the advisory council of the School in India will be invited to deliver a lecture on one of the partner campuses.

 Pamela Berenbaum • Global Health Programs • Middlebury College

 Prof. Berenbaum received funding to travel to the Middlebury Institute in order to leverage resources at MIIS to strengthen experiential learning opportunities for Global Health students.   She will interface with Prof. Netta Avineri, who chairs the Institute’s Intercultural Competence Committee, and with Annie Makela, who oversaw the Ambassador Corps program at MIIS – a summer program in social entrepreneurship that had significant synergies with experiential learning programs being developed at the College.  Prof Berenbaum will also connect with Center for Nonproliferation Studies staff doing research on chemical and biological weapons, renewing an area of expertise that is becoming increasingly interesting to students on both campuses, both from a national security perspective and from a public health perspective.

 Bob Cluss • Chemistry and Biochemistry • Middlebury College

 Bob Cluss received funding to attend a symposium, hosted by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at MIIS, on Export Control of Emerging Biotechnologies.  The symposium offers increased understanding of emerging threats in bioterrorism that involve biotechnologies such as synthetic biology, directed evolution, CRISPR-Cas-9 gene editing, rapid DNA synthesis, and next generation sequencing. Prof Cluss expects to incorporate these new perspectives into existing courses.

 James Fitzsimmons • Anthropology • Middlebury College

 Prof. Fitzsimmons received funding to travel to Chile to work with Juan Pastene, interim director of the School in Chile, on the development of a study abroad track that combines coursework, fieldwork, and a writing and culture course centering around archaeological sites on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). The funding will help identify and overcome the remaining logistical and curricular challenges to offering this experiential learning opportunity to Middlebury undergrads.

 Roman Graf and colleagues • Middlebury College, Middlebury Institute, Middlebury Schools Abroad

 A group of collaborators from across Middlebury programs has received funding to develop a retreat on Intercultural Competence Pedagogy, to take place in the Fall of 2017 or the Spring of 2018. The retreat will provide opportunities for Middlebury faculty and administrators working in different contexts to learn from each other about curricular elements and methodologies that can foster a Middlebury-wide organizational culture focused on effective ICC pedagogical practices and approaches.

Peter Hamlin • Music • Middlebury College

 Professor Hamlin received funding to visit Spain in order to collaborate with Middlebury Spanish School professor Juan Camacho, and Spanish School Choir director Paco Álvarez on a jazz performance to be given during the Spanish School’s 100th anniversary celebration in the summer of 2017.

 Linus Owens • Sociology • Middlebury College

 Prof. Owens received funding to support his pursuit of scholarly activities while teaching at the Middlebury School in Japan’s partner university. His work will result in adding a new dimension to his teaching of urban sociology, and enabling him to add to his research on Halloween and emerging adulthood by exploring the increasing celebration of Halloween among urban Japanese young people.

 Nicolas Poppe • Spanish • Middlebury College

 Prof. Poppe received funding to travel to Rio de Janeiro to conduct research on early Brazilian sound cinema, thereby integrating Brazilian cultural production into his teaching and research on Latin American Cinema.  It will also enable him to strengthen professional relationships with faculty at Middlebury’s partner institution, Universidade Federal Fluminense.

 Cas Shulman-Mora • Spanish Translation and Interpretation • Middlebury Institute

Prof. Shulman-Mora received funding to travel to Madrid to work with director Patricia Rodriguez of the Middlebury School in Spain on a curriculum development project to create a specialized language-training program to prepare Spanish Translation and Interpretation students for their graduate studies at MIIS. This program will enable students to “top off” their language skills in order to successfully pursue the highly competitive MIIS T&I degree.

Spring 2016

Sanae Eda • Director • Middlebury School in Japan
Kristen Mullins • Community Engagement • Middlebury College

The College's Office of Community Engagement, the School in Japan, and the International Christian University (ICU), Middlebury's partner university in Tokyo, will pilot a service learning project in Japan, offering students "facilitated immersion in intercultural engagement."

Cláudio Medeiros • Theater • Middlebury College

Professor Medeiros will be on leave in Buenos Aires, where he plans to work on translating three plays by Griselda Gambaro. His visit will draw on and strengthen Middlebury's relationship with its partner university, Universidad de Buenos Aires, which will serve as his intellectual, cultural and theatrical home during his stay. 

Andrea Olsen • Dance • Middlebury College (in residence at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies)

During her residency at the Institute, Prof. Olsen will invite Professor Emeritus John Elder to give a lecture and workshop on "Writing as Activism,"  as part of the course "Communicating in a Changing world," co-taught by Olsen and Institute Professor Nukhet Kardam.  The lecture will be videotaped for inclusion in a born-digital textbook that is emerging from this collaborative course.  The lecture will also be available via videoconferencing to participants at Middlebury College.

Peter Schumer • Mathematics • Middlebury College

Professor Schumer will spend his sabbatical year at the International Christian University (ICU), Middlebury's partner university in Tokyo, where he will teach a course in mathematics.  One Middlebury funds will allow him to travel within Japan to pursue his interest in sangaku -- ancient wooden votive tablets that contain intricate geometric problems and results.

Sarah Stroup • Political Science • Middlebury College

Professor Stroup will receive funding to invite Professor Edward Laurance of the Middlebury Institute to give a talk, and visit her classes, as a first step toward integrating their courses on global development and advancing their shared research interests in advocacy and research by NGO coalitions. 

Ioana Uricaru • Film and Media Culture • Middlebury College

Professor Uricaru will attend the Bread Loaf Sicily Writers' Conference in order to learn from the best practices of the writers' conference model, and assess the feasibility of conducting a summer session of the Screenwriting Incubator there.

Fall 2015

Kerstin Wilsch • Director • Middlebury School in Jordan
Hope Fitzgerald • Assistant Director • Middlebury School in Jordan
Lama Nassif • Arabic • Middlebury College

Administrators of the School in Jordan will collaborate with College Arabic faculty to develop innovative materials and methods for speaking spoken varieties of Arabic.

Adam Wooten and Julie Johnson • Translation and Interpretation • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Professor Wooten will attend the Bread Loaf Translators Conference in June 2016 and offer a presentation on technology resources for literary translators.

Professor Johnson will attend the Bread Loaf Translators Conference  and offer a talk on mindfulness and translation, as well as conduct daily sessions on mindfulness.

Jinhuei Dai • Chinese • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Professor Dai will pursue collaboration with the Language in Motion program at the College.

Avner Cohen • Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Shalom Goldman • Religion • Middlebury College

Professor Goldman will visit the Institute to co-teach a segment of Professor Cohen's course on "Security and WMD in the Middle East." Professor Cohen will travel to Middlebury to collaborate with Professor Goldman and other Middlebury faculty on development of a possible course or project on the apocalypse in contemporary culture.

Maria Sierra Cordoba Serrano • Translation and Interpretation • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Professor Cordoba Serrano will give a series of talks and workshops at the Middlebury school in Madrid on translation as a profession and translation studies as an academic discipline.

Christopher Andrews • Computer Science • Middlebury College

Professor Andrews will travel to Monterey to investigate the possibility of collaborative research with members of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies.