Degree Progress Worksheet FAQs

What is a Degree Progress Worksheet and why is it important?

The Degree Progress Worksheet is a tool for students and advisors to track progress toward the degree.  That is, how courses you have taken count toward the graduation requirements.

Until this tool is developed for all majors, full degree audits will still be completed on paper in your senior year.

Where can I access my Degree Progress Worksheet?

Students can find their online Degree Progress Worksheet via BannerWeb -->>Student Records & Registration -->>Student Records link.

What am I able to see on my Degree Progress Worksheet?

Currently, the General College requirements are assessed in the online Degree Progress Worksheet.  The Degree Progress Worksheets include checking progress toward the College Writing requirement, academic distributions, cultures and civilizations, physical education, and Winter Term requirements, in addition to the 36 credits needed to graduate.

If I can't see my major on the Degree Progress Worksheet yet, how does it get tracked?

Major requirements are expected to be included in the online Degree Progress Worksheet by Fall 2016, but for now they will continue to be reviewed by the major departments manually.  All students are required to complete at least one major in addition to the General Education requirements. 

Some major audits will be included in the online Degree Progress Worksheet beginning in March 2016.

What if I want to drop a course that is currently being used to satisfy a requirement on my Degree Progress Worksheet?

If you are close to graduating, feel free to contact the Registrar's Office to verify you have taken another course that could satisfy the same requirement.

Degree Progress Worksheets will look different over time as the auditor will use a 'Best Fit' algorithm to match the course attributes to students' outstanding requirements.  Changes to registration or grades will prompt an overnight assessment to run that in essence shuffles your courses to be most efficiently used.

Where do I find complete information about distribution requirements?

To understand how courses can be used to meet requirements, see the Middlebury College Handbook.

Looking for more information? Please email with any questions about General College requirements.  Contact your advisor if you have questions about meeting your major requirements.

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