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Tips for Registration

1.  This is a real-time, seniority-based registration system.

2. Courses can be set up to enroll students based solely on seniority, i.e., no class or major restrictions exist, or they may be set up to accept only certain classes or majors.  You should review the course restrictions during your advising session and request an override of any restrictions (prerequisites, or major and class restrictions), if you think you qualify. A prerequisite error means your academic record does not satisfy the course requirement and you should contact the professor to see if you can get an override. You can see if an override or approval has been granted by going to your "Check Your Registration Status" page on BannerWeb.

3.  You cannot register for more than four course credits during on-line registration. Seniors may add a 5th course during add/drop with instructor permission.  Sophomores and juniors, contact your dean for permission to ernoll in a 5th course.  First year students are not permitted to register for more than 4 courses.

4.  Students can register for PE courses during web registraiton and during add/drop.  Contact Lyle Fulton in Athletics for approval to add during add/drop.

5.  You can drop courses on-line until the end of the Add period. 

6.  You cannot register for multiple sections of the same course, i.e., labs x, y, and z.  Register for the lab you want.  If you don't get in, you should try your second choice and so on.

7.  Banner will not let you register for courses that have time conflicts. If you have a 1:30 pm end/start time conflict you should register for one course via Bannerweb, and the other course will need to be added by the Office of the Registrar once you have the approval of BOTH instructors.  Instructor permissions grant you permission to leave one class early and arrive late to the other.

8.  To fully enroll in a course that has multiple sections (e.g., lecture, lab, and discussion), you NEED to register for all sections at the same time.  You will not get into one section alone if there is more than one type of section required.  These multi-sections of courses are linked in Banner.  If you don't register for all sections, you will get an error and won't get registered for any part of the course.

9.  If a course is cross-listed, you can only register for the course under the subject/department of the primary instructor.

10.  The purpose of the waitlist is to let faculty know who wants to take the class, but it does not guarantee enrollment in future terms.

11. After receiving approval for an independent project, internship, research, or thesis, you must register yourself in the professor's specific course section for which he/she has granted you approval.

12. If you get an error message during web registration determine and correct the error (contact the instructor or Registrar's Office) and then re-submit your registration for the course.

Office of the Registrar

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