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The Office of Communications and Marketing promotes and safeguards the reputation and image of Middlebury and all of its schools, institutes, centers, and programs.

We ensure that the institution presents itself in an engaging and accurate manner, whether through our own publications and interactive media, or when working with the news media or other external information providers. We are responsible for the development and maintenance of Middlebury’s graphic identity standards, brand messaging, web design, publications, photography and video production, news-media inquiries, and internal communications. We also are the proud publisher of Middlebury Magazine, the College’s quarterly alumni magazine.

We work with clients and partners across the institution to develop marketing strategies that help them achieve their goals and address the challenges they face.

So whether you are a journalist looking for information or an expert source, or a Middlebury faculty or staff member with a new idea or a tired one that needs refreshing, please contact us anytime.