Using the Wordmark & Seal

The Middlebury wordmark will be a significant graphic element in Middlebury communications. It has been carefully sized and positioned to create a balanced look.

Wordmark 220

For visibility, impact, and overall integrity, the wordmark must be used in a consistent manner. Proportions and placements should never be altered. It should never be stretched, condensed, or outlined. Do not attempt to set the wordmark yourself, change the font, or alter the size, proportions or space between the letters. It should not be screened or used as part of a larger pattern. To avoid confusion, there should be no other competing logos. The wordmark should always be reproduced from the original artwork.

Color is a critical element in creating a memorable impression. It can be used to link certain information, providing visual clues for continuity or differentiation. The approved color for the Middlebury wordmark is Pantone 294 (blue). For detailed information on CMYK, RGB, and Web-safe simulations, please see:  The Usage Guide (PDF, 1.6MB) The Usage Guide (PDF, 1.6MB)

Although the Middlebury wordmark should normally be set in blue, there may be occasions when only one-color printing is available. In this situation, the logo may be used as shown here:

Wordmark in Black

The College seal is reserved for letterhead, business cards, and official and presidential documents.

If your project requires an exception to the guidelines, or if you have a question about using the wordmark or seal, please contact the Office of Communications at 802.443.5500.