Middlebury Wordmark, Seal & Initiative Logo

Wordmark 350

The wordmark is a graphic representation of the College’s name. It is set in Bembo, one of the oldest and most influential typefaces. This serif typeface was designed by Francesco Griffo in 1495 for a manuscript by Cardinal Pietro Bembo about a journey to Mount Aetna. Bembo’s popularity spread throughout Europe and remained a major influence on type design for 150 years.

The wordmark has been designed with specific dimensions and spacing to be easy to read, distinctive, and readily identifiable. The wordmark should be used in all communications, both internal and external, whenever a logo is called for.

The Middlebury Seal

Seal 220

The first official use of the College seal was on diplomas for the Class of 1806. The College's founding year, 1800, was added in 1932, and in 2007 the seal was revised by Chermayeff and Geismar to make each of its components easier to read and to reproduce. The seal is used on business cards and letterhead and on presidential and official academic communications, such as diplomas.

Middlebury Initiative Mark

Initiative Logo 350

The symbol for the Middlebury Initiative is derived from the shape of the letter “M.” A second ring around the core of the symbol suggests evolution and growth. It is paired with the initiative slogan and the name. This mark should be used for all communications related to the initiative.