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 #OnlyAtMidd: Twitter Hashtags

Join the conversation about Middlebury on Twitter and, to be sure that other members of the College family are getting into the chat with you, include one of these hashtags!

For more Middlebury-related Twitter fun, please follow the College's official Twitter channel @Middlebury for the latest news. You might also enjoy The Middlebury Campus @Middcampus, MiddCORE @MiddCORE, Middlebury Magazine @Middleburymag, and the Middlebury Alumni Office @Middalumni.


Fall Family Weekend; tag your tweets with this to share the event with other families.


What makes Middlebury special? Chime in! 


Homecoming; put this hashtag in your tweets to link up with others during the weekend.


When something so... Middlebury happens that you just need to tweet about it.


An expression of congratulations or support for Middlebury. Especially useful during the live-tweeting of games and competitions.

Have a great Midd hashtag idea? Is there a new hashtag we should know about?

Please e-mail with your suggestions. Just mention hashtags in the subject line.