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Service is our middle name! The Facilities Services Office is comprised of two primary divisions, Planning, Design & Construction and Maintenance & Operations, that work in tandem to manage the development and maintenance of our campus environment.  We provide a wide array of services in support of Middlebury’s educational and environmental mission.


What services?

We’re here to help you! But there are other service providers on campus.  Before contacting us, please take a moment to review our FAQ’s to find the service you need.


Message to students:
In order to serve you better…

Please direct all maintenance requests to your RA, CRA, Commons Office, or Senior Residence Director.  They are familiar with our operation, and can help you with some common problems themselves.  Working through these contacts serves to streamline our information flow and reduce duplicate requests – freeing us up to serve you more efficiently!


How do I request “Routine and Customary” maintenance services?

Whenever possible, please use our online Service Request Form. It is the most efficient way for us to gather the details needed to issue a work order.  For more on service requests.

Please Note: There are online forms specific to Office Moves and Vehicle Rentals requests.

If you need additional assistance you may call our Customer Service Desk at 443-5472, or email us at

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