For more than 20 years, the Environmental Council has played an active role in shaping Middlebury’s commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.


The standing committee of students, faculty, and staff members recommends policy, undertakes assessment and projects, educates the College community, and advises the president.

2021–2022 Members

Comprised of a cross-section of students, faculty, and staff, the Environmental Council meets monthly throughout the academic year with committee meetings in between to advise the president and to address sustainability matters of policy and practice.


Aidan Shepardson ‘24
Annie Muggia ‘24
Antonia Gomez ‘25
Bella Lucente ‘25
Charlie Woodburn Burdett ‘22
Duncan Kreps ‘24
Dylan Schmeling ‘24.5
Elizaveta (Liza) Grebenkina ‘25
Else Nye ‘25
Emily Kuperstein ‘24
Emma Ramirez-Richer ‘22
Gabriella Chalker ‘24
Katherine DeFrancesco ‘23.5
Qiting (Tina) Cai ‘23
Samuel Medina ‘25
Sanjana Roy ‘22
Teresa Topete ‘25
Timo Hemphill ‘24
Yi-Lan Tseo ‘24
Yide Xu ‘24


Julia Berazneva, Assistant Professor of Economics
Alison Nurok, co-chair EC, Assistant Laboratory Professor in Biology
Dan Suarez, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Angus Findlay, Laboratory Instructor in Physics


Jack Byrne, co-chair EC, Dean of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability
Director of Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest
Tracy Himmel Isham, Associate Director, Professional and Career Development
Meghan Williamson, Associate VP for Development
Lisa Winkler„ Asst. Dir./Analyst, GRASP
Charlotte Tate, Associate Director, Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs

Environmental Council Reports and Recommendations

The Council regularly makes recommendations to the president on sustainability topics, plans for the future, and suggested objectives for offices and departments across campus.

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