Middlebury’s students are known for being active and engaged members of our community, with sustainability and environmental impact being an important aspect that unites them. If you want to get involved, take a look at some of our popular student groups below.

The Knoll

The Knoll cultivates fruits, vegetables, and flowers on a knoll just west of the College on Route 125. Initiated and maintained by student energy and direction, the garden offers volunteer hours and internships. Contact mbrakeley@middlebury.edu

VIP: Voices of Indigenous Peoples

Voices of Indigenous Peoples strives to support the Native American, First Nation, American Indian, Pacific Islander and global Indigenous student diaspora on campus and to advocate on behalf of the global Indigenous student population to advance the goals of the Land Acknowledgement. In and out of their weekly meetings, VIP hopes to build relationships with one another, plan future events, and provide a sense of community for any Indigenous or Non-Indigenous Ally here at Middlebury. Contact vip@middlebury.edu .

Middlebury Mountain Club

Middlebury Mountain Club introduces students to the mountains and rivers of Vermont and upstate New York through backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and hiking trips every weekend of the year. 
Contact mmc@middlebury.edu.

Weybridge House

Weybridge House is the Sustainable Food Studies House located on the corner of Weybridge and College Streets. Weybridge serves as a space to cook, preserve, gather, and eat local food, both for students and the campus community. Contact weybridge@middlebury.edu.

The Bike Shop

The Bike Shop provides free help fixing and building bicycles of all kinds for students and other campus community members, as well as offering a bicycle rental program to promote green transportation. Contact bikeshop@middlebury.edu.

Student Government Association Environmental Sustainability Committee

The SGA Environmental Sustainability Committee works on environmental issues relevant to students, faculty, and staff on campus. The group works with the administration and Office of Sustainability Integration to achieve a more environmentally friendly campus. Contact sgaes@middlebury.edu.

SNEG: Sunday Night Environmental Group

The Sunday Night Environmental Group focuses on environmental problems and awareness on campus, particularly climate activism. Group meetings, held Sunday nights at 8 p.m. in The Orchard, Hillcrest 103, are open forums for people to share project ideas and enlist help. Everyone is welcome. Contact sng@middlebury.edu.

FIRE: Fostering Inclusive Recreation Experiences

FIRE’s mission is to create a safe, supportive community of and for black, indigenous, and people of color outdoor recreators. FIRE’s goals are to engage people who have been historically and presently excluded from dominant outdoor and environmental culture, increase representation on Middlebury’s campus of BIPOC recreating, and foster connections between people and the natural world. Contact fire@middlebury.edu.

RISE: Research and Investment in Sustainable Equity

Research and Investment in Sustainable Equity manages and invests $150k of the schools endowment in companies that lead in their environmental, social, and governance practices. The club meets weekly on Wednesdays in Gifford classroom to discuss news and the markets, our portfolio’s performance, various topics of financial literacy as well as new investment ideas. Everyone is welcome to come, regardless of skill level! Contact rise@middlebury.edu.


In solidarity with local farm workers, JUNTOS strives towards a community in which all workers can lead a dignified life. The Compañeros programs work with farm workers to acquire English skills and tools that promote farm worker independence. Through weekly visits, students and farmworkers form meaningful relationships and share experiences. JUNTOS promotes awareness about immigration issues on campus and nationwide while also building a sustained movement for just living and working conditions and hosting meaningful events on and off campus. Contact juntos@middlebury.edu.

Campus-Wide Committees

Several committees tackle sustainability and environmental impact issues by bringing together faculty, staff, students, and administrators.

Environmental Council

The Environmental Council has worked together for 20 years to shape Middlebury’s commitment to environmental and sustainability issues by recommending policy, undertaking assessment and projects, and advising the administration.

Lands Advisory Committee

The Lands Advisory Committee consults with the Board of Trustees and the administration regarding important land-use decisions on the College’s lands.

Additional Initiatives

Green Panther Challenge

This Green Panther Challenge is a student-led initiative created via collaboration with the Office of Sustainability Integration and Athletics to increase sustainable practices among athletes during sporting events.