green tree with middlebury college above and eco reps below

The EcoReps Program aims to connect incoming and current Middlebury students to the world of environmental consciousness and sustainability. By teaching incoming students about important issues relating to sustainability and environmental justice from the moment they step onto campus, EcoReps uses early intervention to help students establish a lifelong relationship with sustainability. 

It focuses on how to equitably involve all students, faculty, and staff in community-building. The program helps grow Middlebury’s reputation as a sustainability educator by fostering open dialogue, innovation, and creativity when it comes to big, real-time issues like climate change.

Our Missions:

  1. Empower the Middlebury College community by helping gain a better understanding of sustainability and environmental issues and how to integrate solutions-oriented work to their lives.
  2. Encourage inclusive community building that calls for equity, observance, and belonging.
  3. Expand the accessibility to environmental and sustainability resources at Middlebury.
  4. Engage with the fourth pillar of Energy2028 to educate students about the importance of environmentally friendly practices as soon as they step on campus.

Meet Our Interns!

photo of student Angee smiling with reindeer horns on her head

Angee Arnold (she/her) is a rising junior majoring in English and double minoring in Jewish Studies and Psychology. She is currently the Lead Coordinator for EcoReps and has been working on launching the program since March of 2024. Growing up on a farm back home in Pennsylvania has led her to have a close bond with nature and sustainability. Her hope is to connect others to EcoReps’ mission of creating lifelong relationships with the environment that benefit both the Earth and its people. When she’s not in the office you can find her dancing in the Mill, snowboarding at the Bowl, and thrifting around town!

Photo of student Reilly smiling in grey t shirt

Reilly Isler (she/her) is a rising senior majoring in Environmental Justice and currently serves as the Assistant Coordinator for EcoReps. Growing up in rural Massachusetts has led her to have a deep connection to sustainability, food systems, and outdoor access while also fostering a passion for environmental justice and advocacy. She is excited to help students create and deepen their connections to sustainability and strengthen the relationship between the community, the individual, and the environment. When she is not in Hillcrest, you can find her playing music with friends or at Track & Field practice. 

photo of student Danny smiling in jacket

Danny Beetham (he/him) is a rising senior majoring in economics and minoring in environmental studies, and currently serves as the EcoReps Education Coordinator. As someone who loves to snowboard, hike, and spend time outdoors, he is extremely passionate about the environment and living sustainably. Additionally, through his courses at Midd, he has learned about important issues relating to environmental justice. Through the EcoReps program, Danny hopes to teach about these important issues and help students build a relationship with sustainability as soon as they step onto campus. When not at work or outside, you can find Danny at the Mill, playing instruments or producing music.

Stay Tuned for Possible Upcoming Events Including…

Recycle Potato Sack Race

Game Night

Honey Tasting

Sustainability Panel 

Knoll Service Day 

Environmental Writing Workshop

Clothing Swap 

Film Screenings

Biomass Tour