For more than 20 years, the Environmental Council has played an active role in shaping Middlebury’s commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.

The standing committee of students, faculty, and staff members recommends policy, undertakes assessment and projects, educates the College community, and advises the president.

Comprised of a cross-section of students, faculty, and staff, the Environmental Council meets monthly throughout the academic year with committee meetings in between to advise the president and to address sustainability matters of policy and practice.

Each year, the Environmental Council committees take on topics of current relevance to the College community. Read about the 2022-2023 committee projects

2022–2023 Members


Khalid Alomran ’25
Patrick Connolly ’25.5
Claudia Etrillard ’25
Meredith Hespe ’23
William Hinkle ’26
Emily Hogan ’24
Maxwell Homans ’23
Duncan Kreps ’24
Anna Krouse ’25.5
Emily Kuperstein ’24
Kayden Lemee ’26
Leni Lemos ’23
Tiffany Li ’26
Corinne Lowmanstone ’24.5
Annabella (Bella) Lucente ’25
Amanda Manoogian ’23.5
Peter Mans ’26
Julianna Minerva Martine ’24
Lily McGovern ’25 
Samuel Medina ’25
Annie Muggia ’23.5
Jasper Pearcy ’26
Elli Revenaugh ’26
Anna Saviano ’22.5
Dylan Schmeling ’24.5
Adia Smith ’25
Emilia Zenker ’26 


Alison Nurok, co-chair, Biology
Jamie McCallum, Political Science
Matthew Schrader, Studio Art
William Poulin Deltour, French and Francophone Studies


Elizabeth Spencer, Advancement
Jack Byrne, co-chair, Environmental Affairs at Franklin Environmental Center
James Zieger, Facilities Services
Karen Bartlett, College Admissions
Minna Brown, Environmental Affairs-Climate Action Capacity Project
Stephen Kelley, Facilities Services
Tracy Himmel-Isham, Center for Careers and Internships

Reports and Recommendations

The Council regularly makes recommendations to the president on sustainability topics, plans for the future, and suggested objectives for offices and departments across campus.