Green Panther Challenge

The Green Panther program is a collaboration between Sustainability & Environmental Affairs, the Athletics Department, and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) that seeks to engage student-athletes and their fans by challenging them to up their practice of sustainability in sports.

Currently, efforts are focused on three main areas:

  • Every team, under the leadership of their Green Liaison and with guidance from the SAAC, brings color-coded bags for recycling and landfill waste, as well as a compost bucket on all bus/van trips.
  • SEA and Athletics host department-wide events throughout the year that aim to engage fans in helping them learn how to properly sort their waste into recycling, landfill, or compost. Green Liaisons and student-athlete volunteers work together at Perfect Sort Gamedays to educate fans.
  • Each Green Liaison has chosen a green initiative for their team to partake in. Check out the poster of current team initiatives located in the Athletic Center!

Who Does It?

Here’s the breakdown of who does what in the Green Program:

  • Green Liaisons are appointed team leaders and are responsible for relaying information between SAAC and their teammates. Green Liaisons are also responsible for bringing a Bus Kit (compost bucket + recycling + trash bags) on every road trip and depositing the waste in the proper bins upon returning to the Athletic Center.
  • Coaches and the SAAC Sustainability Committee help guide their teams and support their Green Liaisons.
  • Sustainability & Environmental Affairs, Athletics, and SAAC provide support and guidance for coaches, Green Liaisons and athletes.

Are you a Green Liaison? 

Congratulations! More information and resources can be found here.

Want to Get Involved?

Check out this Welcome Packet to learn about being a Green Liaison!