A student coaches elementary school girls as part of a STEAM program.

The Center for Community Engagement advises and supports 15 student organizations that contribute to the public good in collaboration with community partners. We’re excited you’re here!

Explore the organizations below for an introduction to each group. You’ll find contact information for each group’s student leaders.

Community Engagement Organization Board (CEOB)

Our student organizations and continuing initiatives are collectively known as the Community Engagement Organization Board (CEOB), and each member organization of the cluster is supported by the Community Engagement Organization Board (CEOB), a peer-advised council. The CEOB functions as a support platform that provides training, oversight, and funding.

Each year, CEOB hosts a retreat for student organization leaders as well as monthly workshops for program development. Topics include budget planning, leadership transitions, and member recruitment. CEOB also administers the Flex Fund, which grants funding to student-designed community service projects.

Charter House Coalition

Social Issue Area: Housing, Food insecurity, Community Building

Contact: chc@middlebury.edu

Description: Charter House Coalition (CHC) is a volunteer-based, community-supported organization that provides shelter, nutritious meals, and friendly faces to those in Middlebury who need assistance. Student volunteers work in service of the CHC mission, including providing meals and warm conversation to those in the Middlebury community. CHC goes beyond simply providing basic needs by fostering a welcoming environment where individuals facing homelessness and food insecurity can find comfort and companionship. This student organization is a great fit for students interested in community service revolving around homelessness and food insecurity.

Learn more: Charter House

Community Friends

Social Issue Area: One-on-one Mentorship, Elementary-aged Youth 

Contact: comfriends@middlebury.edu 

Description: Community Friends is a one-on-one mentoring program at Middlebury College that matches college students with children ages 6-12 in Addison County. This program serves as a bridge between students and local youth, fostering meaningful relationships and providing positive role models for the children. As a mentor in Community Friends, students meet with their mentee for about two hours each week, engaging in activities such as playing games, exploring campus, and crafting. Mentors and mentees schedule their meetings based on mutual availability, typically on the Middlebury College campus, and occasionally attend group events throughout the year. Mentors receive training through two sessions each semester and ongoing support through weekly emails with activity ideas and check-ins from Student Coordinators. Community Friends is ideal for students who are interested in building lasting relationships with local children and contributing to their growth and development.

Learn more: Community Friends  


Social Issue Area: One-on-One and Team Mentorship, Low-Income Housing, Opportunity Gap, K-12 Youth

Contact: dream@middlebury.edu

Description: Directing through Recreation, Education, Adventure, and Mentoring (DREAM) is a mentoring organization that serves youth ages 5-18 living in affordable housing neighborhoods. It aims to close the opportunity gap and empower young people through structured activities and mentorship. As a mentor with DREAM, students engage with youth each Friday, participating in fun activities such as apple-picking, hiking, and ceramics. The program utilizes a larger group mentoring model while also focusing on establishing one-on-one mentor-mentee relationships. DREAM is best suited for students who enjoy working with young people and want to make a positive impact in their lives. Training and guidance are provided to support mentor interactions with the youth and enhance their experience.

Learn more: DREAM Mentoring 


Social Issue Area: Migrant Communities, Social Justice, Community Integration

Contact: juntos@middlebury.edu

Description: Juntos is a program that supports the migrant community in Addison County to offer essential services– like acquiring English skills and tools that promote independence. Aiming to foster a community where migrants can lead a dignified life through advocacy. Student volunteers connect with migrant workers regularly, offering support and friendship while raising awareness about immigration issues both on campus and nationwide. The program is best suited for students who are passionate about social justice, interested in immigration issues, and eager to engage with the local migrant worker community. Juntos provides training and opportunities for students to make a positive impact while building sustained movements for just living and working conditions.

Learn more: Juntos 

Middlebury Alternative Breaks (MAlt)

Social Issue Area: Cultural Immersion, Service Learning

Contact: middalt@middlebury.edu 

Description: Middlebury Alternative Break Trips (MAlt) are student-led one-week trips during February break that bring together a group of students. These trips aim to connect Middlebury students with communities across the nation and around the world, offering opportunities to provide meaningful service and learn about the systems shaping different community realities. As a student leader in MAlt, you will plan a trip based on a topic of your choice and guide your chosen participants through the experience. This includes educating the group on the trip’s focus and ensuring that they actively engage with the local community and each other in reflecting on social issues. MAlt is best suited for students seeking meaningful service opportunities, cultural immersion, and experiential learning. Participation offers a unique chance to delve into global and local challenges while making a tangible difference.

Learn more: MAlt 

Middlebury Civics in Action

Social Issue Area: Civic Engagement, Advocacy, Education, Sustainability

Contact: civicsinaction@middlebury.edu

Description: Middlebury Civics in Action (MiddCIA) is a non-partisan student organization that aims to promote civic engagement and local advocacy in Vermont. MiddCIA serves students interested in gaining experience in local governance and community issues. Student volunteers participate by meeting regularly to discuss key local topics and advocate on issues they care about. They also engage directly with local elected representatives and state government officials, learning how initiatives progress through the legislative process and visiting the State House in Montpelier for hands-on experience. MiddCIA is an excellent fit for students who are passionate about civic involvement, advocacy, and understanding Vermont politics. Participants gain valuable insight and experience in community leadership and legislative processes.

Learn more: Civics in Action

Middlebury College Access Mentors (MiddCAM)

Social Issue Area: One-on-One Mentorship, Educational Access and Equity, College Preparedness, High School Teens

Contact: cam@middlebury.edu

Description: Middlebury College Access Mentors (MiddCAM) is a one-on-one mentorship program that pairs Middlebury College student mentors with high school juniors who are primarily first-generation and/or low-income college applicants to provide guidance. MiddCAM mentors accompany their mentees through the college application process by helping them coordinate standardized testing and develop a college list, editing essays and personal statements, and providing information about the college experience, as well as other resources they may not have access to. Mentors are provided with training and support by the group’s administrators, the Center for Community Engagement, and the Middlebury Union High School guidance department. Students who would enjoy being a part of a crucial life process are welcome to join.

Learn more: MiddCAM

Middlebury First Responders

Social Issue Area: Emergency Medical Services, Firefighting Training, Community Building

Contact: mcems@middlebury.edu

Description: Middlebury First Responders (MFR) aims to provide support, mentorship, community spirit, and training to all those interested in first response, as well as bridging the college community with current EMTs and firefighters, through fun activities. MFR hosts monthly training on topics like medical scenarios, search/rescue navigation, firefighting basics, and others in partnership with Middlebury Fire Department and Middlebury Regional EMS, providing guidance on how to appropriately approach an emergency. As well as occasional social events throughout the semester to further increase community awareness. There are no requirements to join, and the organization aims to reach students who are interested in emergency services and/or involved in first-response work.

Learn more: Middlebury First Responders


Social Issue Area: General Volunteering, Community Awareness, Citizen Support, Public Health and Wellness, Food Security

Contact: middvolunteers@middlebury.edu

Description: Middlebury Volunteers (MiddVol) is a student-led organization at Middlebury College that provides students with opportunities to engage in diverse volunteer experiences around Addison County. MiddVol partners with local organizations such as the New Community Project in Starksboro and the Congregational Church in Middlebury, offering a range of activities from environmental projects to community suppers. Student volunteers in MiddVol participate in various on- and off-campus events, which are funded by the college to ensure accessibility for all. By engaging in these projects, students develop valuable skills, build meaningful connections, and play an active role in social change. MiddVol is an excellent fit for students interested in community service and seeking to make a positive impact. Participation can leave students feeling fulfilled and empowered by their contributions to the community.

Learn more: MiddVolunteers 


Social Issue Area: Civic Engagement and Education, Voter Registration, Community Building

Contact: middvotes@middlebury.edu

Description: MiddVotes is Middlebury’s non-partisan organization dedicated to getting out the student vote and fostering a civically-minded community. By hosting regular voter registration drives, posting infographics on social media, conducting outreach via email, and collaborating with other student organizations on campus, MiddVotes members learn the importance of community political/civic engagement. Through educational events and discussions, the organization aims to empower students to become informed and responsible voters who can make a difference in their community and beyond. MIDDVotes is best suited for students who are interested in building community, non-partisan political involvement, or getting increasing votes amongst the community.

Learn more: MiddVotes

Nutrition Outreach and Mentoring (NOM)

Social Issue Area: Food and Nutrition Education, K-12 Youth, Community Building

Contact: nom@middlebury.edu 

Description: Nutrition Outreach Mentoring (NOM) partners with local schools to offer cooking experiences for the students, aiming to build community through food and food  education. NOM organizes events where students volunteer and learn about healthy local foods and develop important life skills related to nutrition.Student Volunteer engage with young people in hands-on cooking sessions, helping them gain independence and knowledge on healthy eating. This program is an excellent fit for those who enjoy cooking, working with children, and seeking involvement in the wider community.

Learn more: NOM

Page One Literacy Project

Social Issue Area: Literacy and Reading, PreK and Elementary Youth, Community Building

Contact: pageone@middlebury.edu  

Description: Page One strives to nurture a love of reading in elementary school students in the local community. Every week, small groups of two to three volunteers prepare reading and craft activities designed to engage and inspire young students at several schools throughout Addison County. In addition to the weekly sessions, Page One organizes special events in partnership with the Ilsley Public Library, including themed reading experiences like Harry Potter events. Volunteers have the flexibility to commit to a regular schedule or participate as their availability allows. This program is ideal for individuals who enjoy reading and want to share their passion for books with the next generation.

Learn more: Page One Literacy Project 

Sibling to Sibling

Social Issue Area: Group Mentorship, Adolescence and Identity, Middle School Teens

Contact: sistertosister@middlebury.edu

Description: Sibling to Sibling (Sib2Sib) is an organization that hosts monthly events for local middle school students, providing opportunities for group bonding activities and discussions on adolescent topics. Sib2Sib creates a safe and engaging space for middle schoolers to have fun, make new friends, and benefit from mentorship and guidance from college students. As an “older sibling” volunteer in Sib2Sib, students will attend weekly meetings to plan each month’s event and participate in the events by facilitating activities, leading discussions, and being a supportive presence for the “younger siblings.” This organization is ideal for college students interested in mentoring children ages 11-14 in a group setting and making a positive impact on their growth and development.

Learn more: Sib2Sib

Special Olympics

Social Issue Area: Intellectual and Development Disabilities, Disability Inclusion and Accessibility, Health and Wellness

Contact: specialolympics@middlebury.edu 

Description: Special Olympics Middlebury works with Vermont Special Olympics and the surrounding Addison County community to provide opportunities for disabled individuals to engage in sports and other inclusive activities with the help of college student volunteers. College student volunteers require no prior experience working with people with disabilities and encourage all of the volunteers to bring their friends along with them to different events. Weekly meetings are a source of joy for the club, where just dedicating a couple hours of time during the week means a tremendous impact. The club is besuited for those who believe and strive for an environment where everyone deserves a place where they feel included and part of something collective.

Learn more: Special Olympics

Yellow House Community Club

Social Issue Area: Intellectual and Development Disabilities, Disability Inclusion and Accessibility, Adult Mentorship and Personal Development

Contact: yellowhouse@middlebury.edu

Description: Yellow House Community Club (YHCC) is a group and one-on-one activity program that fosters friendships between college students and the Friends of Yellow House Community. YHCC provides large events where group members and Friends can have fun and engage in shared spaces, as well as the opportunity to do one-on-ones in order to share interests and mentor Friends on a more personal basis. Members are provided with an overview of the Yellow House Community organization, as well as insight into the unique personalities of each Friend. If one-on-one engagement is desired, additional training and background checks are provided. Members are provided with support by the group’s administrators, the Center for Community Engagement, and the Yellow House Community.

Learn more: YHCC