The Center for Community Engagement is proud to support the work of the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Collaborative in Conflict Transformation in collaboration with other departments at Middlebury.

Read more about the $25 million grant Middlebury College received to advance conflict transformation.

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The CCE is involved in several different projects related to and funded through the conflict transformation initiative:

Privilege & Poverty summer internships

Our Privilege & Poverty summer internships allow students to make a difference while working in law, immigration, health, food and nutrition, housing and more! The P&P Summer Internship program fulfills the experiential learning component of the P&P Academic Cluster curriculum.

Learn more about P&P internships here.

Projects for Peace

Projects for Peace, a global program that partners with 90 institutions to identify and support peacebuilders and changemakers, is now headquartered with the Middlebury CCE! Projects for Peace administers over 100 grants of $10,000 to students each year.

Read more about Projects for Peace recent relocation to Middlebury College.

History in Translation

Each summer, students and partners gather in shared space and time to 1) further explore and study of our history and its lived impacts; 2) identify and consider how and why our assumptions and perspectives on history conflict (and do not); and 3) to understand how the transformational potential of these historical explorations can be applied to the challenges and opportunities of our present - and our work and pursuit of social justice.

The Summer 2022 History in Translation Project brought together undergraduates from Middlebury College and International Christian University for an experiential exploration of the impacts and lessons (past and present) of Executive Order 9066 in California. 

The summer 2023 program was a collaboration between CCE, the Middlebury School of Abenaki, and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Māori Office, University of Waikato. This was an affinity learning and engagement space with a focus on language reclamation and an exchange of Indigenous, First Nation, Native, American Indian, and Māori language, history and culture in the northeast region of the United States in early June.

The summer 2024 program will be a collaboration with Jiran and focus on college, work, and career mentoring with recently arrived refugee and immigrant high school students in New Britain, CT in June.

Read more about History in Translation here.

Cross Cultural Community Engagement Grants

Students engaging in intercultural learning for the public good are encouraged to apply for grants to support their experiences. See the CCCE website for details on the rolling application process.

Middlebury Alternative Break Trips (MAlt)

MAlt is Middlebury’s alternative break program. Trips run during February Break each year, with participant applications open in early fall. The goal of MAlt is to engage Middlebury students with communities across the nation and the globe in order to share an experience, provide service where service is needed, and learn about the systems that shape community realities around the world.

Service Translation

Service Translation is an international collaboration with students from Middlebury and International Christian University (Mitaka, Japan) team-translating oral histories and other historical documents related to the experiences of Japanese Americans impacted by Executive Order 9066. Contact Kristen Mullins at for more information.

Learn more about the programs supporting the advancement of conflict transformation by contacting