The Center for Community Engagement prepares students for lives of meaning and impact through local, domestic, and global community connections. Our programs work to strengthen communities and contribute to the public good.

First Year Residence Hall Competition!

Calling the Class of 2027!

MiddVotes, Res Life, and the Center for Community Engagement are challenging YOU to demonstrate your commitment to democracy and civic engagement. Battell + Allen vs. Stewart + Hepburn: who will win?!

In 2020, Middlebury led the NESCAC schools with an 85.7% eligible student voting rate. Let us, as a community, commit to a 100% voting rate for eligible voters in 2024! 

Research suggests that you are more likely to vote when you have a plan beforehand. What is your plan? Let us know how we can help! Whether you are eligible to vote or not, everyone has a role and an opportunity to support democracy.

By pledging to support democracy in one way or another, you are contributing to Middlebury’s overall commitment to democratic values.  

Which team are you on? Go Ballen! Go Stewburn!

First year residence hall competition, brought to you by MiddVotes and the Center for Community Engagement.. Middlebury led the NESCAC in 2020 with an 85.7% eligible student voting rate. Let's get to 100% in 2024! Pledge to support democracy and we will count your pledge in the competition! Check out the Democracy Initiatives page for additional resources.

Making Connections

  • Sarah and Brian believe that each student deserves equal access to higher education, so they became MiddCAM mentors, and later, MiddCAM copresidents. In leading the growth of the program to 25 mentor-mentee matches, their primary goal has always remained the same—to increase the program’s reach to those who might benefit most, such as students who will be the first in their family to attend college.

    Sarah Kavoogian ’20 and Brian Ketchabaw ’20

    Middlebury College Access Mentors (MiddCAM)

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  • Patrick’s journey with the CCE started with his first week on campus through his orientation trip, Working Together to Effect Change. “I learned about Community Friends through my trip leader and knew I wanted to be a part of it.” Since then, he has joined Community Friends as well as other CCE programs such as Language in Motion, Malt Trips and Page One Literacy Project.

    Patrick Kuruga Wachira ’23

    Community Friends, Page One Literacy Project, Language in Motion, MAlt

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  • Martin believes education is the most powerful tool for change. He joined LiM during his first year at Middlebury and has been actively involved ever since. His favorite experience is the Fall Break Mini-MAlt trip, where he spends time with other LiM presenters and local Barre Spaulding High School students making presentations, cooking together, playing games, and going for walks. 

    Martin Troska ’21

    Language in Motion (LiM)

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  • Cynthia is one of P&P’s veteran members. Majoring in International and Global Studies with a focus on East Asia, she has nevertheless found no difficulty grounding her global academic focus in the local community. During the summer of 2019 she interned at the Charter House, a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization that provides basic necessities like food and shelter. Working and living at the Charter House gave her an unparalleled community experience just a fraction of a mile away from Middlebury college. 

    Cynthia Ramos ’21

    Privilege & Poverty (P&P)

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Jordan Saint-Louis and his VOICI brand models

This is Community-Connected Learning (INTD 0121)

“…my streetwear label, VOICI… is about building a community and telling the story of the community…My project for the class was titled “Still Chocolate City” and was centered around the U Street Corridor in Washington D.C…. The CCL course made me realize that my responsibility is to tell the stories of my community and educate my generation on the issues we have so that in the end we can come together to fix that…  “ - Jordan Saint-Louis ‘24 

Read Jordan’s story on our blog

Looking for a Deeper Connection to the Community?

Want to use what you’ve learned in the classroom to help address real-world problems, or work with community-based professionals who are eager to support your engagement and learning? Want to develop new skills, discover new interests, or meet new people while making a difference in your community?

We’re here to help.

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