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Continuing Education Fund

Continuing Education fund is being suspended for Fiscal Year 2021

The Continuing Education Fund is available for the benefit of Middlebury College employees who are interested in continuing their personal and/or professional development. Through this fund, Middlebury College provides support to eligible staff who wish to enroll in credit-bearing courses from an accredited program or institution.

Information below covers:

Employee Eligibility
  • Staff currently employed by the College in a full-time position or in a part-time benefits-eligible position, and having completed one year of employment in an eligible position at the time of the fund request.
  • Eligible full-time staff may receive up to $5,000 per calendar year (pro-rated for part-time employees) from the Continuing Education Fund for tuition and registration costs for approved classes, courses or (see below). 
Eligible Courses, Classes or Programs
  • Eligible courses, classes or programs include: credit-bearing classes from accredited institutions.
  • Continuing Education Funds are provided for tuition and registration fees only. Costs for books, taxes, library fees, technology fees, exam fees or other fees are not covered by this fund.
  • Courses/classes do not necessarily have to be related to the employee's current position with the College and do not necessarily have to be part of a degree or certificate program.
  • Workshops or conferences are not covered by the Continuing Education Fund. If the workshop or conference is directly related to the employee's current position, it may qualify instead for the Staff Development Fund. See Staff Development Fund.
Conditions and Application Process
  1. A separate application must be submitted for each semester. 
  2. Applications must be submitted in advance for approval four weeks prior to the start of the course or class.
  3. Applications must be approved by Human Resources to determine eligibility of the employee and the program for which funding is requested.
  4. If approved, the application amount will be paid directly to the institution or program by Middlebury College. Funding or payment as reimbursements will not be made. Funds will not be given directly to the employee.
  5. The staff member is required to submit to Human Resources documentation from the institution proving completion of the class/course. In cases where the individual has not completed a class/course for which he or she received CEF funding (in whole or in part), Human Resources may require that the individual can be eligible for future CEF funding only on a reimbursement basis after showing proof of completion. This will be at the discretion of Human Resources, which administers the Continuing Education Fund program.
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