Six Thinking Hats

A Meeting Management, Decision Making & Productivity Tool

Facilitated by Leslie Schreiber, certified Six Thinking Hats trainer

This full day workshop will allow participants to participate in a Six Hats meeting as well as learn a Lateral Thinking Tool. Participants will also receive a manual.

Who should attend? 

  • anyone leading meetings
  • anyone wanting a tool to help with problem solving within a group and increase team work 
  • anyone seeking a professional development opportunity to learn a skill that can be used in multiple settings beyond meeting management

A fast-paced, intense and interactive course. The results from utilizing this method of meeting management include:

  • shorter meetings (up to 50%)
  • thorough decisions
  • easier priority setting
  • fluid problem solving
  • increased participation and involvement
  • effective problem definition and resolution

By mentally wearing and switching symbolic “hats”; individuals or teams separate thinking into six categories for analyzing matters objectively and comprehensively.

It is amazing to see the results that can be accomplished by a person or a team who knows how to separate emotions from fact, the positive from the negative, and critical from creative thinking.

Studies have shown that individuals and teams trained in the Six Hats method experience a five-fold increase in the quantity and quality of their thinking and reduce meeting times by 50 percent.

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