Updating Job Descriptions

Middlebury now stores job descriptions in the PeopleAdmin database. Please use the link below to view job descriptions for the individuals that you supervise.  Please note that this is a shared resource for the Middlebury and Monterey campuses.  The link below will pre-select to filter your search by campus (Middlebury) and position type (Staff). In addition, you wish to narrow the results by entering a keyword or department.  

Here are some of the things that you can do in PeopleAdmin in regards to job description maintenance:

  • Make formatting or minor job description wording changes.
  • Make larger job description changes and request relassification of a job description linked to an existing employee
  • Update a job description and/or request reclassification while also requesting a replacement
  • Request an FTE change that may or may not effect the employee's benefit status

Changes, updates and reclassifications to job descriptions must be initiated by supervisors and approved by the appropriate department manager. Please review the Job Description Review process here before proceeding.  If you need to update the job description for one of the employees that you supervise, please use these instructions to do so.  (Please note you will need to log in with your Middlebury credentials to view these instructions.) Changes that will affect an employee's benefits status require SRC approval and you will need to follow these instructions.

See Also: Choosing the Right Action in PeopleAdmin

Click here to access the position description library for Middlebury Staff positions in PeopleAdmin.

Click here to view a web tutorial for this process.

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