COVID-19: Essential Information

Much of the information on the Event Management website will not apply to academic year '20-'21. Please consult our COVID-19 IMPACT ON EVENTS web page.

The availability of physical space and resources to safely support in-person events is extremely limited. To the fullest extent possible, student organizations, faculty, and staff meetings and events should occur through a virtual format.

The campus is currently subject to restrictions of the Vermont Governor's 11/13/20 executive order.


The Department of Event Management is committed to acting as the central facilitator for the planning and execution of successful events on the Middlebury College and Bread Loaf campuses.

By managing campus events as a whole, we evaluate requests and assess service demands in order to advise on the most advantageous dates and venues. We proactively collaborate with event planners and service providers through education of College policies, and by providing accurate and easily accessible information. We strive to provide quality, equitable customer service to the campus community.

The Department of Event Management:

  • Provides guidance in selecting advantageous dates for your event.
  • Identifies spaces appropriate for your event needs.
  • Mediates venue and date conflicts between event organizers to achieve a best outcome for the campus community as a whole.
  • Prepares event diagrams for flexible venues.
  • Advises on necessary equipment and support services (Media Services, Catering, Facilities, Public Safety) for the success of your event.
  • Communicates event needs to campus service providers via 25Live Pro scheduling software.
  • Facilitates planning meetings with event planners and service providers for complex events.

Community friends & neighbors, due to COVID-19 the campus is currently closed to all visitors. We regret that we are unable to host any non-college events at this time.

For future reference, please review College policies on non-college events.