COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

The Department of Event Management assists event sponsors in the planning and implementation of Middlebury College events.

To facilitate successful events, the department will first assess the feasibility of the College to support a requested event. By comparing the events calendar to the event requests in advance of reserving rooms, consideration can be given to meeting all the needs of the event. This proactive approach serves to expedite event planning that considers the impact of the event and, more importantly, the ability for the event to be successful.

The Department of Event Management provides:

Information to inform of any competing event concerns
Room scheduling
Venue procurement negotiation
Support in facilitating catering services
Room design & layout support
Facilitation of equipment acquisition
Coordination of custodial services
Coordination of technical services
Coordination of public safety support


Community friends & neighbors wishing to inquire about the possible use of College facilities for events, please contact us at 802-443-2885 for assistance.