COVID-19: Essential Information

Performance Planning

Much of the information on the Event Management website will not apply to academic year '20-'21. Please consult our COVID-19 IMPACT ON EVENTS web page.

Organizing a live performance on our busy campus can be challenging. The Department of Event Management is here to help you navigate the complexities!

NEVER book a performer without consulting Event Management. Contact us so that we may:

  • Discuss available performance dates.
  • Help identify appropriate venues.
  • Evaluate the College’s ability to support your performer's needs.

To help us assess your needs, you may also be asked to submit a Performance Proposal Form.


The Production Advisory Group
Depending on the complexity of your event, you may be asked to contact the Production Advisory Group (PAG) for assistance. PAG is an organization designed to streamline and facilitate the process of planning and producing performances in designated venues across campus. PAG works together with existing planning resources such as the Department of Event Management, Student Activities, or CAPP; using established procedures and space use policies to lend their expertise toward the common goal of achieving successful events.

Please visit PAG’s web site for more info.