COVID-19: Essential Information


The campus is currently subject to restrictions outlined in the Fall 2021 Campus Guide.

The following is a general overview of event constraints outlined in the Campus Guide. All gatherings and all campus operations are subject to these guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with the Guide and consult it for details. Always check the Campus Status page for recent developments.

To the fullest extent possible, student organizations, faculty, and staff meetings and events should occur through a virtual format.

COVID-19 Event Review Team
COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy
Campus Events and Gatherings
-Event Host Responsibilities
-Faculty Ad Hoc Requests
-Social Gatherings
-Virtual Events and Meetings
Private Work Space for Students


COVID-19 Event Review Team
All requests for in-person events are subject to parameters outlined in the Campus Guide. Requests meeting these parameters will then be reviewed by the COVID-19 Event Review Team (CERT) for safety and feasibility per Campus Event Review guidelines. The team meets twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and includes representatives from:

  • Event Management
  • Dean of Students / Student Activities
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Public Safety
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Athletics
  • ITS

Campus Events and Gatherings
Review complete details on Campus Events and Gatherings in the Campus Guide.

All gatherings will be extremely limited in number, size and scope. Availability of space is limited due to capacity reductions aligned with COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines. All gatherings must comply with the COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy for the space being used.

Priority of space use during the 2020–21 academic year will be for meetings, events, and activities involving students. Meetings and events that are solely for faculty and staff should be held virtually unless there is a specific need for in-person activity, in which case an event request should be submitted for review.

Any approved event, indoor or outdoor, will require:

  • Face coverings
  • Physical distancing
  • Contact tracing / attendance taking


  • To the fullest extent possible, student organizations, faculty and staff events should occur through a virtual format.
  • No invited speakers or presenters.
  • No non-College events or non-College use of space.
  • Campus is closed to all visitors.

Social Gatherings
Hosting and attending large parties is prohibited for the 2020–21 academic year because such events are incompatible with the physical distancing that is necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Students: Review the section about Campus Events and Gatherings.

All student, faculty and staff meetings should be achieved through virtual platforms (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, telephone, etc.), as much as possible.

COVID Guidelines for Ad Hoc Course-related Requests

  • Due to limited capacities and risk mitigation efforts, Ad Hoc needs should be resolved virtually when possible, including screenings.
  • When a virtual format is less effective and in-person is justified (i.e., math office hours) lesser-used, smaller classrooms will be utilized instead of the classrooms currently scheduled for classes. This is to avoid overburdening cleaning schedules and ventilation efforts.
  • There are 8 spaces identified as too small for classes which may be used. (3 Munroe, 4 Twilight, 1 SDL)
  • Exclusions may be necessary when a larger capacity classroom is needed for Midterm exams or other such requests that require a large venue.
  • Requests are first come, first served.
  • Ad hoc requests should fall within academic building access hours.

Event Host Responsibilities
Event Hosts must comply with all responsibilities outlined in the Campus Guide. These apply to both indoor and outdoor events.

Event Host responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring all attendees wear face coverings
  • Ensuring all attendees are physically distanced 6’ from one another - or more if the approved activity requires it. The Event Host will be advised of specific requirements. 
  • Taking attendance for contact tracing (via Presence for student events)
  • Cleaning: Disinfecting supplies and hand sanitizer are available in every classroom for disinfecting high-touch surfaces/items as necessary throughout the event. Disinfectant and hand sanitizer will be provided to event hosts for other venues as needed.  
    For outdoor events, event hosts may be issued a “COVID Kit” to assist in managing attendees. It includes disinfectant wipes, a touchless hand sanitizer station, 10 small traffic cones, 2 sign stands, and a small trash can.
  • Compliance w/mandated gathering size per the Campus Guide and Campus Status page.
  • Compliance w/COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy (per location as noted in 25Live Pro)
  • Prohibiting non-College visitors including guests, speakers, presenters, etc.

Events Hosts are responsible for reviewing the Spring 2021 Campus Guide before submitting requests for in-person events.

Note: if an event involves a component whereby participants will be eating food, please remember to have event attendees wear their face coverings when the food portion of an event is over and moves into the activity/lecture/meeting segment of an event. 

Event Hosts and/or attendees (both students and employees) are subject to the campus COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy. Violations of this policy, the Health Pledge, the policies set forth in the Spring 2021 Campus Guide, the Campus Status webpage and/or any other COVID-19-related policy or College directive, will be subject to the Violation Response Process and may result in removal from Middlebury’s campus.

COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy
The maximum occupancy of all spaces is significantly reduced. Classrooms and event spaces have been evaluated, and in some cases modified, to achieve 6’ physical distancing. The COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy number will be posted outside each classroom, along with a drawing of the approved layout for that space. The approved layout may not be changed without approval from the Department of Event Management in consultation with the Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator.

COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy is also listed for each location in 25Live Pro as the Default Capacity, or COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy “Layout.” The original “Max Capacity” for each location is still listed and should be disregarded while COVID-19 restrictions are in effect.

The COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy number for classrooms includes the instructor.

All gatherings must comply with the COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy for the space being used.

Not sure how to find occupancy info? Click here for instructions.

Virtual Events and Meetings

Events open to the campus community: All virtual events that are open to the campus community must be submitted via the Event Reservation Request Form so that Event Management can continue to advise on potential content/audience conflicts.  In our new virtual environment we must also be aware of limitations on our capacity to host large virtual events simultaneously.

Private meetings and events: Virtual events or meetings that are “invite only” to a closed audience and will not be publicized to the campus Calendar of Events will not be processed through Event Management. If you need technical support for this type of meeting, you should contact the Helpdesk directly for assistance.

Publicizing your virtual event: Virtual events that are open to the campus community and/or general public may be publicized to the campus Calendar of Events. The location for the event will be listed as “Virtual Middlebury.” You must submit your virtual event via the Event Reservation Request Form.  Do not use the Calendar Posting Request Form.

Zoom Events: Standard Zoom meetings allow for 300 attendees without additional licensing. Licensing is limited for webinars and for meetings >300 and must be requested via the Technology Helpdesk.
Zoom meetings = interactive meetings and training sessions
Zoom webinars = lectures and public broadcasts for large audiences

ITS advises against publicly posting a URL for a Zoom meeting or webinar which includes the password.

For more information on using Zoom and how to prevent Zoom-bombing visit the ITS Zoom web page and DLINQ's Zoom info page.

Middlebury Catering services are suspended. Catering staff are supporting the increased demands on the Dining Services department. 

Non-College caterers may not provide service on campus.

Event organizers may bring food from an off campus source to small gatherings that meet Campus Guidelines, with appropriate physical distancing. Food may not be brought to gatherings in dining halls or The Grille.

There are 2 schedulable tents on campus, available for student events only. Tents will not be scheduled for use as meeting space.

Battell Beach tent
McCullough Quad tent

Tents will require the same request and approval process as indoor space. Activities in the tents will be aligned in accordance with physical distancing guidelines, and face coverings will be required.

Schedulable tents, as listed in 25Live:

  • McCullough Quad Tent may be scheduled for events when not reserved for dining.
  • Battell Beach Tent is available for student events only.

Please review Tent Guidelines before submitting an event request for a tent.

Event organizers will be responsible for disinfecting high-touch surfaces throughout their event. Review the Cleaning and Disinfecting section of the Campus Guide.

No invited speakers, presenters, performers, or other guests are currently allowed on campus. Review the Visitors ans Deliveries section of the Campus Guide.

Private Work Space for Students - for private appointments, interviews, and/or taking a remote class.

Although limited this semester, there is an abundance of study space available in campus buildings that students will find amenable for studying - such as the windowed hallways in Axinn or the Library and at the Mahaney Arts Center. And of course, there are all the wonderful spots in the sun and shade outside! Grab a spot on the lawn, in an Adirondack chair, on a rock wall – there’s plenty of space to choose from the great outdoors!

Additionally, Event Management has identified a number of reservable rooms in Alexander Twilight Hall that students can request for private space during the building’s open hours – be it to take a remote class, or to schedule a job interview, or private appointment.

To reserve a private space, please log on to the Event Reservation Request Form and enter any of the following rooms in the location field:  AXT 206 or 305. 

Please note that we will need at least 24hours notice to reserve the space. If you are looking to request space during the weekend, please submit your request no later than Friday @ noon.

The rooms in Twilight mentioned above are for one student only. These are not group study spaces.

An additional resource for student study space and reservable seats for the fall semester is the Davis Family Library. Please visit for information on reserving study space in the Library.