COVID-19: Essential Information

Paychecks/direct deposits are issued on a bi-weekly basis for all employees of the College and are received by the employee on the Friday afternoon of pay weeks.

If a payday falls on a holiday, employees will receive payments on the last working day of the week. For a schedule of pay dates and deadlines, please see the Payroll Calendar below.

2021 Pay Calendar

Direct Deposit

Students can have their net pay directly deposited into a checking or savings account at any financial institution in the United States. Direct deposit information can be accessed online through Oracle. This allows you to add, view or update your direct deposit information for Payroll deposits.  The Payroll office pre-notes all direct deposit requests. Pre-noting is an electronic test to the financial institution to verify the transit-ABA #, account #, and name on the account. Payroll will notify you if the banking information you entered will not be accepted by the Bank. The prenote process may take at least one pay cycle for verification and to become effectiveDuring this process, a check is rendered and will be delivered to your campus mailbox.

The National Bank of Middlebury has two ATM's located on campus for students with accounts through them to utilize. For more information on their services, go to and click on Welcome Middlebury College Students!


How Do I enter Hours in Oracle?

Timecard Entry

All timecards must be submitted (saving your timecard is different than submitting it) and approved by 3pm Monday (or earlier if requested by your supervisor) following the close of the pay period in order to be included in the next pay check. If you feel your check may be inaccurate, first verify that your time was submitted accurately and on time. Questions regarding rate of pay, title of position can be directed to SEO.  Taxes, or direct deposit questions should be directed to the Payroll.

Reporting time accurately is critical. It is the responsibility of the student employee to report his/her time, and the responsibility of the supervisor to verify and approve the time. Falsification of a time record is a terminable offense as is the knowing approval of a false time sheet.

What if I forgot, or was unable, to submit hours? How do I submit Retro pay?

You are able to correct any past created timecard in order to be compensated accurately.  This may be necessary if you forget to enter time for a position or inaccurately recorded your previous hours.  Your correction will be reflected in your next paycheck, per Middlebury payroll processing schedule.

If you need to create a timecard for a pay period more than 14 days in the past, please reach out to for assistance.