COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Wage Level Definitions

Level A (General)

Includes all entry-level student jobs that do not require previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills. Requires minimum and finite on-the-job training. Does not require supervision of others. Requires some independence, but also some supervision. 

Examples include: Office Assistants, Monitors, Note Takers, Mail Clerks, Library Circulation Desk Assistants, Retail Clerks, Computer Consultants, Receptionists, Athletics Game Staff, Dining Waitstaff, and Dishwashers

Level B (Skilled)

Includes positions that require a higher level of responsibility and independence. Requires some previous training or experience. Positions offer extensive on-the-job training or require certification. Students may be responsible for an aspect of a program, and/or supervising other students. 

Examples include: Intramural Commissioners, Museum Interns, Box Office Supervisors, Ski & Snowboard Instructors, Lifeguards, Advanced Computer Consultants, Research Assistants, Tutors,Peer Tutors, Van Drivers, Cooks, and Graders

Level C (Specialist)

Includes positions that may require special supervisory skills or an advanced level of academic achievement or other qualifications.  Position might be responsible for the success of an entire program. Requires extensive previous experience, highly specialized skills or on-going training. Job duties may include hiring, training, scheduling and supervising other students. 

Examples include: Lead Computer Consultants, Student Staff Coordinators, Media Specialists, Peer Career Advisors, Senior Admissions Fellows, Phonathon Managers, GIS Specialists, Certified Crowd Managers, and EMT's

Any position that clearly requires a higher pay rate outside of the set levels because of experience and levels of technical expertise required will be managed through Student Employment on a case-by-case basis.