COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Student Wage Scale

2020 Student Wage Scale

(effective January 1st 2020)


1st Year (Base)

Level A - General



Level B - Skilled




Level C - Specialist  





*Students who began their position prior to September 2019 may have a higher hourly wage than listed above.  This is due to a prevouisly approved wage increase.  Fall 2020 rehires have not been approved for a wage increase.

The wage scale is set by the following criteria (see Wage Level Definitions for further details):

  • Level of skills required, including special skills
  • Level of experience/training required
  • Level of independent work, confidentiality and peer supervision
  • Level of mental activity
  • Level of accountability

Any position that clearly requires a higher pay rate outside of the set levels because of experience and levels of technical expertise required will be managed through Student Employment on a case-by-case basis.

Temporary Pay Card Wages

Hourly Rate can not be less than the Level A base rate

Van Drivers- Level B on the Student Wage Scale

Crowd Managers-  Level C on the Student Wage Scale

Photographer- Determined by the supervisor using the Student Wage Scale

Videographer-  Determined by the supervisor using the Student Wage Scale

DJ/Musicians- $25 per hour( per musician)