Approving Time Sheets

Students must enter and submit their hours in the pay period in which those hours were worked. The deadline for students to submit time sheets is 5pm on Monday of payroll weeks, or earlier if requested by the supervisor. Supervisors have until noon on Tuesday of payroll weeks to review and approve their student's hours (see links below for instructions and the pay calendar). Note: Time sheets can only be approved once the student has submitted them.

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2018 Pay Calendar 

Once the noon deadline for a pay period has passed nothing further can be done with time sheets from that pay period. This means that a supervisor would not be able to approve a time sheet after noon on Tuesday of Payroll weeks even if the student submitted it on time.

If a student is unable to enter their hours into the time sheet for the pay period in which those hours were worked (i.e.; they do not yet have access to time sheets) they will need to submit them in the next pay period. These hours should be entered on the second line of the time sheet titled 'Student Academic Yr. Prev. Pay'. The student must provide a detailed account of the dates and times that the hours were actually worked in the Comments section of their time sheet. Time sheets with previous pay hours but without comments should NOT be approved.

We encourage you to contact SEO if you are unable to see submitted time sheets or if there are other issues that are preventing you from approving your student's time. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to review and approve their student’s time sheets by the deadline so that students are compensated accurately for the hours that they have worked.