Time Sheet Statuses

*Not Started - The student has not opened the time sheet in order to enter hours.

*In Progress - The student has opened the time sheet but has not submitted it to their supervisor for approval.

*Pending - The student has submitted the time sheet and it is pending their supervisor's approval.

*Approved - The time sheet was approved by the supervisor (or their time approval proxy).

*Returned for Correction - The time sheet was returned to the student so that changes could be made.

*Overridden - The submitted time sheet was approved by SEO because the supervisor did not approve it by their deadline. This can (and should!) be avoided by the supervisor setting up a colleague within their department as their time approval proxy. The proxy can then approve time sheets in the event that the sueprvisor is unable to.

*Error - There is an error with the time sheet. It it usually possible to still submit or approve the time sheet even if there is an error present.