Bicentenial Hall Roof Deck, Social Use of


Social Use of Bicentennial Hall Roof Deck

The Bicentennial Hall deck roof is a 4800 sq. foot area of which 2600 sq.’. feet is available for limited assembly use.  The 22’x120’ area set aside for assembly will have a capacity of 175.  It is in the Colleges best interest to limit the use of this space for safety and health reasons.

The purpose of this document is to:

1.   Determine under what conditions that this space may be used.
2.  Identify who may utilize this space.
3.  Who the responsible person is for the event.
4.  Who must approve all request for roof events.

The use of this space will be limited due to its location and lack of personal hygiene resources.   Events are to be limited to two to three hours in length because there is no water or toilet facilities in this area. 

The Bicentennial roof will be limited to academic use or for those special events where the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer has approved its use.  Whenever an event is proposed the approving authority will determine what special accommodations and/or restrictions may be needed.  Additional lighting may be needed at night and portable water depending on how the space is utilized.  Alcohol may only be served at official College functions with the approving authority’s permission.

The only area approved for assembly is where a floor decking has been installed.  Access to areas of the roof where there is only a roof membrane is prohibited.  A visual inspection of the membrane will be done prior to a scheduled event. 

The person responsible for the event must be a Staff or Faculty member employed by the College.  This person must be willing to supervise the event and follow the guidelines set forth in this document.

Edmund Sullivan
Environmental, Health & Safety
April 1999
Reviewed: July 2006


Request for Social use of the Bicentennial Roof Deck

EVENT DATE:  __________________      
EVENT TIME:   __________________
LENGTH OF EVENT:   __________________

Type of Event:

Number of people expected in attendance:  _____________________________________

Responsible Party: 
(Print) _________________________________________________________________
The person responsible for the event must be an adult and employed by the College.  This person must be willing to supervise the event and follow the guidelines and special conditions set forth in this document.

Conditions to be met:  _____________________________________________________

Signature:_________________________________            Date:  ___________________
Responsible Party

Approved ( )  Denied ( )

Robert Huth, V.P. for Administration and Treasurer                             Date