Film Screening Information

Media Services will provide Film Screening support for 35 mm and 16 mm films and all other formats shown in Dana Auditorium, Twilight Auditorium and Axinn 232. To request screening support in these locations, please read the guidelines below and fill out the Screening Request Form. All other film screenings are the responsibility of the faculty or sponsor of the screening. Media Services requires 48 hours notice to provide film screening support.

Before requesting a screening, schedule a suitable screening room. Course-related screenings are scheduled via the Course Scheduler in the Registrar’s Office (ext. 5069). Plan to coordinate with that office for an appropriate teaching space if your audiovisual requirements for a semester are substantial. Other screenings are considered “events” and are scheduled by Event Management via their Event Reservation Request form.

Please note: Media Services requires 5 business days notice to provide film screening support.

After the location and time have been scheduled, contact the Library Reserves Office (libres@middlebury.edu) to place the DVDs and videos you will be using on reserve for your course.

Films and videos from sources outside the College may be requested via Middlebury's Film rental form. After you have scheduled a room for your showing, and have financing approval, fill out the form and submit it. Place your orders as far in advance as possible - a lead time of at least two weeks is recommended.

Video and Public Performance Rights

Most of the videos and DVDs in LIS collections do not include public performance rights. These rights are needed if:

  1. You plan to show a film for your club or student organization, or
  2. A screening is open to the public. This includes an instructor showing a video as part of the curriculum, but inviting people who are not enrolled in the class to attend. It also includes small groups who want to view a movie for entertainment in a public space.

Public performance rights are not needed for classroom-related screenings or private screenings in your room with a group of friends.

A)     Student groups wishing to show a film must: Reserve a screening location by submitting an Event Reservation Request.

B)     Submit a Film Rental Form.

LIS will contact the requestor to advise on public viewing rights and fees (if applicable) when they receive the Film Rental request.

How to plan a film screening (student groups, see instructions above)

  1. Reserve a room. For course-related scheduling, contact the Course Scheduler (ext. 5069). Submit an Event Reservation Request form for all other scheduling needs.
  2. Place films needed for screenings on Reserve. Contact the Reserve Office (libres@middlebury.edu) with the time and date of your screening (to facilitate booking reservations, unless otherwise notified, we will assume that the faculty or sponsor is screening and checking out the film)
  3. If you will be screening the film yourself, you can also self-book it (after the film has been added to Reserves for your course, simply search the catalog and click on the "PLACE RESERVATION" button). Check here for more information about placing a film on reserve and booking it for a specific time/date.
  4. Once booked in the system, screening reservations can easily be verified by checking in My Midcat. Reservations are specific to the  person screening the film. Reservation periods for films on reserve default to 4 hours.
  5. If your screening is in Dana Auditorium, Twilight Auditorium or Axinn 232, you can request film screening support by filling out this form a minimum of 2 business days prior to the scheduled screening.

The web form will ask for this information:

  • Date, Time and Location
  • Title of the film 
  • Source of the film. Does the library own it? Is it your personal copy? Does it need to be ordered or rented?
  • Format of the film - DVD Region 2, VHS PAL, Laserdisc, etc.
  • Course code and title
  • Name of the faculty or event sponsor
  • Comments, details of screening request etc.

You should receive an email confirmation from an LIS staff member. Screenings should not be considered confirmed until we send you confirmation.

Helpdesk Staff: See Helpdesk Internal Notes on Film Screenings