Middlebury's Information Security workgroup encourages the use of anti-virus software on all computers, and not just those systems distributed by Middlebury where anti-virus software is pre-installed.

Visit the Anti-Virus Solutions for Personal Use page for more information.

I am scheduled for an install this Monday but I need my system over the weekend. Can I use my computer?

If you have been scheduled to have Sophos pushed to your system and have been asked to shut your computer down on a Friday than LIS is scheduling the install package to deploy at your next power up after Friday night. If you turn your computer on over the weekend and it is connected to the network then you will have Sophos pushed to your computer at that time. If you are using your system remotely and connecting over the VPN then there will be no issues. When you return to the office on Monday and power your computer on, the install will resume as scheduled.

Where can I find startup and user guides for Sophos?

For the new Sophos home products, the best place to start would be here:

Why do I get warning messages that I do not have anti-virus when I am installing Sophos?

During the install process Sophos removes your current anti-virus solution. In most cases at Middlebury this will be Symantec. When your Windows operating system detects the removal of its anti-virus protection it alerts you with a warning message. This appears as a small white message down by your clock. Once Symantec is completely removed you should receive one or two additional messages indicating that you no longer are protected by anti-virus and one possible offering you a link to web sites that offer anti-virus software. These messages are a component of the Windows Security Center and are a normal process. Because we are in the process of replacing Symantec with Sophos and are actively installing a new anti-virus solution these messages can safely be ignored.

Do I have enough memory to run Sophos?

Sophos requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM memory.  To determine if you have enough memory to run Sophos,

  • click on the Start button in the lower left corner
  • right click on My Computer
  • select Properties
  • from the General tab under computer, you will find how much RAM you have on your pc

For questions, contact the Help Desk by calling 802-443-2200 or email

    How do I stop the Symantec Add-In error in Outlook 2007, when I open an email message, now that I have installed Sophos?
    In side of your Outlook 2007 Client:
    1. From the Tools menu, select Trust Center.
    2. Click Add-ins on the navigation pane on the left.
    3. On the Manage drop-down list at the bottom of the Options windows select Exchange Client Extension.
    4. Click Go.
    5. In the Add-In Manager dialog box, remove the check from the Symantec 10.x Add-in.

    Click OK.

    What is on-access scanning?

    On-access scanning intercepts files as they are accessed and grants access to only those files that do not pose a threat to your computer or are authorized for use.

    Help I have a virus!

    If you get a message saying Sophos has detected a virus, Sophos will automatically quarantine it. While the system will automatically notify LIS Network Security we ask that you open a ticket with the help desk to remove the virus from quarantine. Please call the Help Desk at 802-443-2200.

    What is a PUA?

    A PUA is a Potentially Unwanted Application.  In some cases, it may be adware or hacking tools installed on your computer. In other cases, it may be something you installed and want to use on your computer such as the WeatherBug.

    Does Sophos provide information about virus hoaxes and chain letters?

    Virus hoaxes and chain letters urge people to pass them on to other people to help prevent something from happening. Sophos provides information on virus hoaxes, chain letters and other types of hoaxes (scams, false alarms, scares and misunderstandings). Sophos provides lists of the most recent and most prevalent hoaxes at

    How do I get the latest virus warnings e-mailed to me?

    Sophos can send you the latest virus warnings and news by email. If you like, you can subscribe at You can also find them posted at Go/ITSECURITY.

    How do I scan for and handle viruses?

    Sophos will automatically scan for viruses, and will quarantine any virus it finds so it will not infect your computer.  For instructions on how to manually scan for viruses, please call the Help Desk at 802-443-2200 or email

    Why is Windows Security Center reporting that my anti-virus protection is out of date?

    Confirm Sophos is up to date.

    1. Open Sophos by right clicking on the Blue Shield in the system tray
    2. Select Open Sophos Anti-Virus
    3. Look in the upper left corner under "Status" to view the last updated date and time.
    4. If the last update time is today, your Sophos program is up-to-date.
    5. If the last update time is over two days old, close Sophos and follow step 6.
    6. Double click the Blue Shield to start a manual update.
    7. Once the update completes, open Sophos again and check the last updated date and time.
    8. If the last update time is not today, call the IT Help Desk at 802-443-2200 or email
    How do I run a non-scheduled scan of my PC?
  • Right click on the Sophos icon in the system tray
  • Select Open Sophos Anti-Virus
  • Select  Scan my computer
  • Why has the Sophos icon disappeared?

    The Sophos icon disappears during some auto-updates. It should reappear within a minute. This occurs when the auto-update process provides more Sophos changes beyond the latest IDE files, files that contain virus identities, which allows Sophos to detect and disinfect the latest viruses and other malicious software. If the Sophos icon fails to reappear you may try rebooting your computer or manually updating Sophos. If the icon still does not reappear call the IT Help Desk at 802-443-2200 or email

    Why is my Sophos Anti-Virus shield grey?

    With Sophos open,

    • Click on Configure Sophos Anti-Virus
    • Click on the Configure menu
    • Select On-access scanning
    • Click the Options tab
    • Scanning level should be set to Normal
    • Click on the Scanning tab, under Scanning make sure there is a check mark in front of "Enable on-access scanning for this computer"
    How do I scan removable media?

    Sophos can scan removable devices such as a USB drive or memory card.

    • Right click on the Sophos icon in the system tray
    • Select Open Sophos Anti-Virus
    • Click Setup a new scan
    • Give the scan a name
    • Select the drive that you would like to scan
    • Click Save and Start to run the scan
    Why are there colored lines appearing on the Sophos icon?

    The colored lines appear to be moving up and down the Sophos icon during auto-updates. When an auto-update occurs Sophos checks for new IDE files, Virus identity files (IDE) , which contain virus identities that allows Sophos to detect and disinfect the latest viruses and other malicious software.

    How do I open the Sophos Anti-virus program?

    Right click the Blue Shield in the system tray, near the time, and then select Open Sophos Anti-virus.

    How do I manually scan for viruses on my computer?

    If you wish to perform a manual scan, right click on the Blue Shield in the system tray, select Open Sophos Anti-Virus and then select Scan my computer. Your computer will perform two automatic scans a week during the evenings.

    What should I do when I get the pop-up message on my screen about a virus?

    If a virus is detected on your system that is not cleaned automatically, LIS Network Security will be notified directly. Should you wish to clean it yourself there is a link inside the warning that you can click on to find out about the virus that the warning is telling you about. Click on the link and follow the directions for removal of the infection. Then close the warning.

    What is Sophos Anti-virus?

    Sophos Anti-Virus is an award winning anti-virus program that protects your computer from viruses that may try to enter your computer via email, downloads or disk media.

    How do I keep Sophos up-to-date so that it always scans for the latest viruses?

    Sophos is setup to automatically check every 10 minutes for the latest virus updates. To manually check for updates, right click on the Blue Shield in the system tray and select Update now. these updates are very small and should have no impact on your system's performance.

    What does the red x on the shield mean?

    Your updates have not successfully installed. Please try to update again by double-clicking on the  Blue Shield. While the LIS Security Department will also be automatically advised of this issue, if you are not able to get the updates, please call the Help Desk at 802-443-2200 or email