Email and Calendars

Middlebury’s email and calendar services have moved to the cloud—specifically to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of services. This change improved our services in several ways, including enhanced security, better and faster access from mobile devices, and increased storage capacity.

We didn’t observe any significant disruption in services when we made the change. If you use Outlook, your mailbox and calendar look exactly as they did prior to the change. The webmail site is very similar to what you have been used to, but there are slight differences consistent with a new version.

Below is the published email migration schedule, which was completed on September 2nd, 2016.

Migration Schedule

Service(s) % Complete
Email & Calendaring 100% (18,624 of 18,624)
Migration Group Migration Date Completed
Alpha Testers 06/21/2016
Project Team 07/20/2016
ITS Staff 07/26/2016
Library Staff 08/09/2016
Mailboxes with Forwarding Enabled 08/11/2016
Mailboxes that have been Inactive for 6 months or more 08/13/2016
Mailboxes that are Pending Deletion 08/13/2016
Monterey Faculty & Staff 08/15/2016
Monterey Students 08/17/2016
Date that all new mailboxes will be created in the cloud 08/18/2016
All Students* (*except for LS Students) 08/22/2016
Grants, CTLR, Public Safety 08/23/2016
Mailboxes that are connected to via POP/IMAP protocols 08/24/2016
Careers & Internships, Creativity & Innovation 08/24/2016
Provost Office, Dean of Students 08/25/2016
LS students and any remaining students 08/26/2016
Student Orgs 08/27/2016
All Faculty 08/27/2016
Admissions, HR, Finance, Controller 08/30/2016
Student Financial Services 08/30/2016
President’s Office 08/30/2016
Public Folders 08/30/2016
Advancement, Communications 09/01/2016
Facilities, Dining, Athletics 09/01/2016
Any remaining mailboxes 09/02/2016
Cleanup 09/02/2016