Home Directories

Middfiles and miisfiles have served us well, but as part of our broader initiative to move our services to the cloud, we'll be migrating much of our data storage as well, starting with home directories (the folder with your name on it, aka your U: drive at our Middlebury campus, or H: at MIIS.)

Why the change?

Cloud file storage offers numerous advantages.   

  • Automaticsynchronization offilesbetweenoffice, home or other computers and thecloud, providing aconsistent storage structure across devices that isalways up to date. 
  • Near real-time backups with “versioning”thatallowquick and easy restoration of earlier versions. 
  • Enhancedcollaboration asindividual files or foldersare easily sharedwith colleagues bothwithinMiddlebury and beyond. 
  • Convenient access from mobile devicesanywherewith anInternetconnection. No VPN connection required. 
  • Ability to scale quicklytoany expected storage requirement. 
  • Enhanced data loss protection and other security features thatreduce the riskof inadvertent exposure ofMiddlebury data. 
  • Tight integration with our email/calendaring solution; allarepart of Microsoft’s Office 365 service. 
  • Significant cost savings.
What's the timeline?

Our goal is to have everyone migrated by the end of January. We anticipate that with support from ITS, most of you should be able to complete this process on your own by then. The exact schedule will vary depending on your area (department, program, or Commons), and you will receive further information with details for your specific group. The steps are these:

  1. We publish documentation with links to video tutorials to help you make the transition.
  2. ITS works with key partners across the institution to schedule the transition in a way that makes sense for your group, starting with training for those partners so you'll have someone in your area to turn to with questions. (Of course, you can always contact the Helpdesk as well.)
  3. At the appointed time, you start making the transition as a group.
  4. Trainers from ITS and Academic Technology meet with your group to assist you, answer questions, and resolve any issues that come up, ensuring a sucessful transition for everyone.

Note that all of the above applies only to home directories. We are not moving "orgs" or other folders yet, though we anticipate the process will be similar when the time comes.

So what do I do?

We'd like for you to take a minute to review our instructions and resources, then move your files from your "home" directory to OneDrive (or Google Drive, if you prefer). The process should be straightforward; if you have any questions, please sign up for one of our workshops or contact the Helpdesk.