R&R Crew Members

Sponsor: Terry Simpkins

Leader: Kellam Ayres

Members: Danielle Madison and James Stuart

Charge: The R&R Crew is responsible for the just management of the LIS recognition and recreation planning. Membership will consist of one to two standing members in order to ensure consistency, plus one representative from each major LIS area. Members will serve based on academic year, July to June, with the inaugural team serving an extended service to coincide with the first full academic year. Members are not eligible to be nominated / selected for the Employee of the Month award while serving on the Crew. Awards will not be given for the month of December, due to reduced campus involvement prior to the holiday. Membership commitment consists of (a) monthly one to two hour meeting to review, discuss and select monthly awards and (b) nominal, as needed, meetings to plan and organize recreation events. Crew intentions are to limit the impact to regular work commitments.