Liaisons to Academic Departments

To make it easier for you to find information and resources quickly, LIS designates a liaison as the primary LIS representative to each academic department.

If you have a question about library or technology resources, please feel welcome to contact your liaison.  Liaisons will confer with you, make suggestions, and if you'd like, they'll even help you implement whatever solution you choose. They also will encourage LIS to organize our services to best meet your needs and the needs of your students.

Your liaison should be your first contact for:

  • Library collection development
  • Research classes and assistance
  • Support for web pages, Moodle or WordPress (for course sites), digitization, and other technology projects
  • All of those moments when you don't know whom in LIS to contact

Find your liaison here:

Liaison Support Teams

Since you need not only general help, but also specific expertise, each liaison works with team that includes a collection management librarian, an instructional librarian and a curricular technologist. Learn who is on your liaison's support team:

For Immediate Assistance

Liaison contact with a department is not intended to address emergencies.  For immediate help:

LIS Advisory Groups


LIS has four divisional advisory groups that meet twice a year to provide advice, feedback, and guidance to LIS. The groups are organized by academic disciplines, and every department and program is represented.  Each divisional group is co-chaired by someone from LIS and a faculty member.

Advisory groups provide a regular opportunity for LIS to hear from faculty about how things are going, what the issues are, and what needs are emerging, and for LIS to float new ideas for services and resources.

There also is a faculty committee for LIS called the Faculty LIS Advisory Committee (FLAC), consisting of 5 faculty and the Dean of LIS. The members of FLAC also serve on these divisional groups.

For more information, visit the LIS Advisory Groups site.