Conference Calls

Conference Call Service

Verizon Business Instant Meeting is available for faculty and staff.  Once an account is established, up to 20 individual telephone numbers can call a toll-free number for a conference.

A day or more prior to using this service, contact Telephone Services (x5700) to request a conferencing account.

  • There is no activation fee for up to 20 ports.
  • The cost is $.025 per minute per caller.
  • Calls placed through this service will automatically bill to your department Banner index.
  • To keep your account active, use at least once every six months (Calling your toll-free number, entering the code, and hanging up should keep it active.)

Using an Ericsson (Digital) Telephone

Conference calling is available on faculty and staff digital telephones. You can establish a connection with up to 7 parties. Only the person initiating the conference call can admit participants.  Please warn participants they will hear a piercing tone when a call is added to the conference call.  They (and you) may want to move their handset away from their ear, temporarily.

 To initiate a conference call:

  • Establish the first call to the first party on Access 1 key
  • Press INQUIRY or Access 2
  • Dial the second party's telephone number (and inform about the conference) OR answer the incoming call on Access 2
  • Press the CONFERENCE/F3 key -the all black, oval key above the PROGRAM key
  • To add a new party in a conference:
    • Press INQUIRY or Access 2
    • Dial the new party's telephone number
    • Press the CONFERENCE/F3 key -the all black, oval key above the PROGRAM key
  • For additional participants, follow the INQUIRY, phone number, CONFERENCE/F3 process.


Using a Speakerphone (Polycom Telephone)

You may borrow a speakerphone from the Davis Family Library circulation desk.  Contact them online or by calling x5494 to reserve one. 

Polycom speakerphones require an analog line.  If you are unsure whether a room or an extension has the class of service that allows conference calls, ask Telephone Services (x5700).

  • With the first party on the line, press the hookflash (or flash key or the 3-people icon) and listen for a recall dial tone.
  • Dial the second party.
  • After the second party answers, dial 3. A loud conference tone indicates that the member has successfully been added.
  • Repeat this procedure to connect up to 7 parties (including yourself) with a maximum of 3 external calls.

NOTE:  If a called party is busy or does not answer, dial 2 to return to the conference.


last update:  August 17, 2016