College Telephone Services Summary

Faculty and staff receive digital telephones, local and long distance service, and voice mailboxes.

Residential halls have courtesy and emergency telephones. 

Academic year students may request a telephone line and voice mailbox from a link in the Personal Information section of BannerWeb.  There is a $50 one-time per academic year installation fee. 

In the summer, only Language Schools faculty have a dorm room phones (arranged by their coordinator).

In addition to your telephone service, our department provides 911 details to Vermont's emergency services in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety.

Telephone Sets

Campus phones are

  • Digital (Ericsson black)
  • Analog (simple “old fashion” phone) OR a Polycom conference phone
  • IP

These phones use different technology and are not interchangeable.  If you wish to change the type of a college phone , contact Telephone Services at x5700 or email Telephone Services.

Phone extensions are wired to a specific jack.  Moves require wiring.  Consequently, if you plan to move offices, complete a Facilities Move request form or contact Telephone Services at x5700 or email Telephone Services at least two week prior to your move.  If you want to move your phone in the same office or space, please contact Telephone Services at x5700.


last update:  January 28, 2013