For Current Updates on COVID-19:


Monday-Friday, the dining halls also offer to-go containers at lunch for anyone needing a meal on-the-go. Middlebury College Dining Service will also deliver meals to students who may be confined to the Health Center.

Early and late meals may also be arranged for athletic teams with games that do not coincide with the dining schedule.

During the summer Language Schools, separate meal schedules for each school assist participants in honoring their language pledges.

Dietary Needs

A full ingredients list that brightly highlights commonly avoided foods and allergens such as wheat, eggs, meat and dairy is posted next to every item served. At each lunch and dinner at least one entree is vegetarian. Vegan and vegetarian spreads and sandwich fillings can be found in the deli and salad bars. Gluten-free breads and products, soy milk and lactaid milk are available in all of our dining rooms. 


Want the pasta but can't eat the olives in the sauce? No problem! Should a student find themselves with a unique need not met by the options available, our dining staff is always willing to whip up a personalized serving of any entree. Just ask! 

Middlebury College Dining Services strives to accommodate the unique dietary needs and preferences of every student through transparency and personalized service.