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Catering FAQs

Alcohol - Who may serve alcoholic beverages at my event?

It is required by law that any alcohol be provided either by the College or by a licensed, approved alcohol provider—unless it is a private student gathering meeting the criteria for Registered Party or Informal Gathering. PLEASE REVIEW Residential Life Party Information.

College facilities that remain licensed to provide alcohol are Atwater Dining Hall, Bread Loaf Inn.

The list of approved caterers identifies those caterers who are licensed to provide alcohol service.

Alcohol - May I purchase and serve beer, wine, or liquor for an event myself?

NO! By law, ALL alcohol served for events MUST be provided by a licensed, approved caterer—unless it is a private student gathering meeting the criteria for Registered Party or Informal Gathering. PLEASE REVIEW Residential Life Party Information

Alcohol - What is the lead time for planning an event with alcohol in an unlicensed venue?

Generally, a minimum of 21 days. It is best to consult with the caterer providing the alcohol to be sure, as each caterer may have their own requirements.

Non-College Catering - What expectations should I be aware of?

  • The caterer will arrange with you (the customer) the window of time they need to set up for and clean up after the event.
  • At no time will they arrive to set up earlier than 3 hours prior to the start of the event.
  • All events will be cleaned up no later than 3 hours after the event ends.
  • Facilities Services will set up tables and chairs for your event. Their labor will be charged to your event budget.
  • Caterers will provide the necessary service items for the event (linens, dishes, chafers, ice, serving utensils, etc.).
  • Should you choose, you may purchase disposable wares or rent linen or china from Middlebury College Catering. Rates associated with rental outside of a Middlebury-catered event are higher than when using Middlebury College catering services.
  • Caterers will work directly with the customer who hired them and will at no time contact service providers directly.
  • Caterers will work with the customer who hired them to arrange for building access.
  • Trash resulting from the catering service of the event may be discarded at the venue where the event is held but must be sorted appropriately according to compost, recycling, and landfill categories.

Non-College Caterers - Can they serve anywhere on campus?

Yes, anywhere except those areas where Dining Services operates: Atwater Dining Hall, McCullough, Proctor, and Ross.

Non-College Catering - May I make arrangements with the caterer of my choice?

Yes—as long as your event is being held in a venue that is not licensed by the College, and the caterer you choose is listed on the approved list of non-College caterers.

Bills or reimbursements for expenses related to catering services for caterers who are not on the current approved list will not be processed for payment by the Controller’s Office.

Please check the list regularly for current approved caterers on the Dining web page. The Dining Services office maintains the list of approved caterers.

Non-College Catering - How much additional time should I reserve for my caterer to set up and clean up?

It will be necessary for you to work with the caterer to identify the appropriate amount of time required, based upon the level of service they will provide. It is then necessary that you work with the scheduler who reserved the room for you to build that time into the reservation as appropriate.

Non-College Catering - How does my caterer access the event venue?

For events scheduled in buildings with key-card access, contracted caterers can obtain a temporary access card by stopping in at Public Safety when they arrive on campus. Public Safety is located at 125 South Main Street.


For other venues (unless normally unlocked), it will be necessary for you, as the event planner, to arrange to meet the caterer on site to unlock the facility for them. It will also be necessary for you to plan on returning to lock the facility after the caterer has completed their cleaning.

For access to the Kirk kitchen you must contact Middlebury Catering to arrange access. or

Megyn Pitner, 443-5959, or Lisa Reynolds, 443-5345

Non-College Catering - May the caterer contact Event Management or service departments directly for information?

To avoid these departments making event decisions that may impact the planning or costs related to the event, it is best if all questions for on-campus service are routed through the College member who is planning the event. Please do not advise caterers to contact anyone directly.