The Bonnie & John McCardell Citizen's Award

To date there have been more than 70 recipients of the Citizen's Award presented by Middlebury College to recognize local residents who have helped strengthen the Addison County community through their public service. The recipients are:


Cleon Bigelow, Addison Fair and Field Days, Lions Volunteer
Helen Bigelow, Board of Retired Senior Volunteers, Lions, American Legion Auxiliary
Carol Green, After Dark Music Series
Harvey Green, After Dark Music Series
Barbara Saunders, Mary Johnson Children's Center
Claire Ayer ’92, Former State Senator for Addison County
Mark Perrin, Green Peppers Restaurant, Community Volunteer

2018 (Story)

David Donahue, Community Relations
Kerri Louray Duquette-Hoffman, WomenSafe
Fran Putnam, Teacher and Environmental Activist
Harold Strassner, Habitat for Humanity
Edmund F. Sullivan, Safety Officer and First Responder

2017 (Story)

Johana Brakeley, Pediatrician
Barry King, Environmental Educator
Warren King, Conservationist
Richard Thodal, Community TV Producer

2016 (Story)

Betty Nuovo, State Representative
David M. Sears, Cornwall firefighter and local sports announcer

2014-2015 (Story)

Bruce Byers '55, Town Hall Theater and Community Volunteer
Suzanne H. Byers '55, Porter Hospital Auxiliary and Community Volunteer
Robin Huestis, Round Robin and Middlebury Community Players
Natalie D. Peters, Mary Johnson Children's Center, Addison County Parent/Child Center, and Community Volunteer

2013-2014 (Story)

Douglas Anderson, Town Hall Theater
David Brynn, Vermont Family Forests Foundation

2012-2013 (Story)

Joanne Corbett, Elderly Services, Inc.
Don Keeler, Public Service and Sheriff’s Department

2011-2012 (Story)

Nancy C. Malcolm, Public and Community Service
Thomas L. Munschauer, Addison County Humane Society and Arts

2010-2011 (Story)

Liz Cronin, Face Off Against Breast Cancer Hockey Tournament and Health Educator
Michael G. ("Mickey") Heinecken, United Way of Addison County and Middlebury Volunteer Ambulance Association
Susan Carpenter Vigne '83, Aurora School and Community Service

2009-2010 (Story)

George "Wedge" Murdoch, Public Service, Middlebury Volunteer Ambulance Association and Community Volunteer
Peter Carothers, Habitat for Humanity and Community Volunteer
Margaret "Muffin" Carothers, Habitat for Humanity and Community Volunteer
Doug Sinclair, Middlebury Transitional Care and Community Volunteer

2008-2009 (Story)

Margaret "Peg" Martin, Public Service and Childcare
G. Kenneth Perine, Banking and Community Service
Ann McGinley Ross '53, Education and Arts


Richard (Dick) Bullock, Community Outreach
Anne Hoover, Civic Involvement and Leadership
Peggy Peabody, Community Service and Vermont History
William (Bill) Scott, Jr., Educator, Volunteer, and Service to the Environment

2006-2007 (Story)

Fletcher "Buster" Brush, Community Volunteer
Lucien Paquette, founder of "Field Days"
Michael and Christine Steier, Physician/Nurse, Open Door Clinic


Paul Bortz, Founder Spirit in Nature, Middlebury Global Warming Action Coalition
Al Stiles, Community Volunteer
Cy and "T" Tall '65, Community Volunteers


Jack Craven, Community Volunteer
Abbott Fenn, Community Volunteer
Linda Waterman, Neat Repeats Founder and Director


Diana Barnard, Physician
Pat Boera, Middlebury Festival on the Green
B.J. Calhoun, Community Volunteer
Helen Haerle '73, Community Volunteer
Hank Prickitt, Community Volunteer
Larry Volkert, Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department
Greg Wry, Proprietor, Greg's Market


Dottie Nelson, Community Volunteer
Adele Pierce, Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History
Fred Powell, MUHS Volunteer
Jim Rubright, Proprietor, Middlebury Bagel and Deli
Barbara Wagner, Emergency Medical Coordinator


Dick Goodro, Middlebury Town Clerk
Dottie Neuberger '58, Community Volunteer
Sonja Olson, Heath Care Advocate
Marguerite Quinn, Community Volunteer
Jim Ross '51, Advocate for Persons with Disabilities


Gene Childers, Music Director, MUMS
Ray W. Collins, Jr., Physician
Joseph A. DeGray, President, Middlebury American Legion
George W. Foster, Jr., Middlebury Selectman
Roch F. MacIntyre, Proprietor, MacIntyre Fuels
Cheryl Mitchell, Deputy Secretary, Vermont Agency of Human Resources
Alice Perine '47, Teacher, MUHS
Gordon C. Perine '49, Community Volunteer
Tom Plumb '75, Director, Addison County Community Action Group
Connie Staats, Mary Johnson Children's Center and Community Volunteer

For Community Partners

The Bonnie & John McCardell Citizen's Awards

The Middlebury College Citizen’s Awards program began during the College’s Bicentennial year in 2000. It recognizes local residents who have helped to strengthen the Addison County community. In 2009 the Citizen’s Awards were renamed in honor of President Emeritus John M. McCardell Jr. and his wife Bonnie, who fostered an ethic of public service in the Middlebury community.

Medals have been presented to residents of Middlebury and surrounding towns for their service in fields including medicine, education, business, philanthropy, government, the arts, and civic contributions. The selection committee particularly seeks to honor those who have contributed through their volunteerism, community service, and engagement of issues facing our community.