Youth and Mentoring Summit 2019

We're pleased to offer the inaugural Youth and Mentoring Summit to help us build networks across organizations, share resources and best practices through a range of workshops, and equip ourselves with fresh ideas and skills for working with youth through student-led organizations.

Join us for an evening of inspiration, learning, and community!

Sunday, March 3rd from 4:30-7:30pm in Axinn

Registration is closed, we look forward to next year!

Email with questions.

Concurrent Workshop Options

The Student Organizing Committee and the Center for Careers and Internships are facilitating four workshops from 4:30-5:30pm. You'll see options in the areas of personal development, organizational development, and direct service with youth.

Here are the names, presenters, and descriptions of each:

"Beyond Logistics: Making One-Time Events More Meaningful" Co-presenters Conner Gilbert (MiddCAM and Page One) and Emma Hagley (NOM) 

Description: Ever had a one time event that was a complete flop? Come listen to and discuss how others have been solving this challenge and what you can do to make your event meaningful to all participants involved.

"Collaborative, Sustainable, and Effective Teams: Organizational Development for the Win" Co-presenters Hal Juster and Kira Waldman (Community Friends)

Description: Come learn the fundamentals of group dynamics and organizational development! Skills learned will include: group formation and role creation, delegation and communication, and creating effective strategies for transitions and turnover! Make your org the best it can be!

"Can I Do it All? Values-led Time Management" Co-presenters Kaja Aagaard and Mai Thuong

Description: As busy college students, how can we work to use our time more effectively? In this workshop, we’ll reflect on how we spend our time, how this relates to our values and priorities and how we can develop strategies for managing time and setting goals.

"Walk Me Through Your Resume" Presenter: Ursula Olender (Center for Careers and Internships)

Description: Learn how to think like an employer to share your transferrable skills. Come explore how to identify, describe, highlight, and communicate the skills and knowledge you’re gaining through your work with youth.  Please bring a draft of your resume to this workshop.

Panelist Discussion

From 5:30-6:30pm we'll have three skilled practioners and faculty members sharing different perspectives about creating and sustaining powerful relationships with youth. In particular, they'll be looking at how we can better understand play, developmental factors, and community context to deepen our connections.

We are pleased to be hosting panelists Visiting Professor Dr. Laura Basilli, Dean of the Curriculum and Associate Professor Dr. Suzanne Gurland, and local physician Dr. Jack Mayer.

Share questions/curiosities you would like them to address in the registration form

Dinner Discussions and Closing Circles

From 6:30-7:30pm we'll be breaking into dinner discussion tables (mixed groups across organizations, led by members of the Student Organizing Committee) by topic and then coming together with others in our organizations in closing circles to discuss takeaways.
  • “Mindfulness” Using Mindfulness to engage with youth
  • “Closure” Closure with mentoring relationships
  • “Play” Bringing play into your life and incorporating it into your connections with children
  • “Community” Building community among your org’s members without increasing unnecessary obligations
  • “Engagement” Balancing reaching new members and keeping returning members engaged
  • “Feedback” Getting feedback from your community partners, participants, members to improve your org
  • “Trainings” Designing good trainings and handbooks

For all who participanted: Thank you for making the evening a success!