Language in Motion

Becoming a host teacher

If you are an Addison County secondary teacher interested in becoming a host teacher for LiM, please email Kristen Mullins directly.

Global awareness and cultural competence are not limited to the langauge classroom. LiM host teachers have included social studies teachers, English teachers, music teachers, history teachers, and physical education teachers, among others.

To request a presentation, contact Kristen at the link above or call 802-443-5990. She will ask for your course schedule, your upcoming curricular topics, and what type of presentation might be a good fit for your classroom. You will then be matched with a Middlebury College student whose interests and experience align with your ojectives.

Once matched, you and the student presenter will agree on a date and time for the presentation. Language in Motion staff will then work with student presenters to fine tune their presentations and ensure they have transportation to and from your school.

Supporting successful presentations

Host teachers can support successful presentations by preparing their students. This could include sharing the topic in advance, brainstorming relevant questions prior to the presentation, and/or assigning reflection questions in advance to serve as writing prompts once the presentation is over. Host teachers and students will also be asked to complete our brief Language in Motion evaluation after the presentation.

It is important that host teachers remain in the classroom during Language in Motion presentations. Language in Motion presenters receive training and support from Language in Motion staff as they prepare for their classroom visits. They are not, however, prepared to take full responsibility for classroom management. 

Host teachers are also eligible to apply for Language in Motion professional development grants. These grants are awarded to support your development as a teacher of culture and language and can be used for courses, conferences, workshops, and immersion activities.