Scheduling an Appointment

Sports Medicine has moved to online appointment scheduling.  Only students that are on a current Varsity and JV Intercollegiate roster or Club Rugby or Crew are able to make an appointments with Sports Medicine.  First year and first time participants in any of these sports are allowed to access Sports Medicine 1 month before the start of their season. (example students on a spring sport will be able to sign up starting January 15th).

To make an appointment with Sports Medicine click on the link below that will take you to the student health portal.  Log in and go to the tab that says Schedule Appt.  On the drop down menu select schedule an appointment.  Select Sports Medicine and choose the date you want to be seen.  Next choose the type of appointment you need. New injury is for any injury that has not been evaluated by any of the Certified Athletic Trainers.  Follow up is for any injury that has already been seen by a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Last FMS is for those athletes that are coming in for the pre-screening as indicated by their Certified Athletic Trainer.

Once you have selected the date and type of appointment a list of times and staff available at those times will appear.  Select the Certified Athletic Trainer's name listed at the time you want, you will get a confirmation message that will pop up indicating the date and time you have signed up for.

If there is no time listed or the Certified Athletic Trainer you want to see does not appear at that time it means that it has been taken by another student or they are out of the office.

If you need to make an appointment for a concussion test please call Sports Medicine to set it up.  Also if you need to change or cancel your appointment time please contact Sports Medicine at (802) 443-2315.

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