You can find opportunities.

Locally and around the world, Community Engagement helps Middlebury students explore civic identity, develop essential life-long skills, and pursue projects in collaboration with communities—all while striving to contribute to the public good.

We see engagement opportunities as more than "just" volunteering or "just" service. We're interested in the experiences that tie it all together: your education, your interests, and your compassion.

We can help.

Our work cuts across any number of disciplines. At Community Suppers, you learn the crucial difference between providing a nutritious meal and sharing a nutritious meal. On a MAlt trip you could find yourself learning about fracking in rural Pennsylvania or the relationship between gender and generational poverty in the Dominican Republic. Wherever your interests lie, we can help you find the right direction.

Volunteering for the first time? Continuing with a cause you care about? Pursuing community-connected research?

To start finding engagement opportunities, sign up for our weekly e-newsletter and like us on Facebook for the latest news. Read our official Fact Sheet to get a sense of how broadly CE serves the Middlebury community. Check out our brochure to learn about our signature programs and the student organizations we advise. Then contact us to set up a time to visit!

We look forward to hearing from you!